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Default Re: Squirtles in Cinnabar

Squirtles in Cinnabar
Chapter 3: The Elegent Trianer

by Leman000

Finding Squirtle would be no easy task. All I knew was that he couldn’t have gone far with his injury. I did some research in the Pokemon Center’s Archives. That hadn’t told me anything. Three days passed from the day Seadra and I fought Eizen, before I learned anything. It was the day a great Water Pokemon trainer came to town.

Seadra and I were practicing his new move, Ice Beam on Frisbees at the port. I was tossing them in the air and Seadra had to freeze them before they hit the water. It was really good for aim. Then a man on the back of a Kingdra comes speeding towards us. The Kingdra stops inches away from the edge of the water. His amazing Kingdra mesmerized me.

“Wow,” I said to the trainer, “How did you get your Seadra to evolve into Kingdra?“

The trainer answered with a smile, ”I traded it with a Dragon Scale. My name is Juan, by the way.”

“I’m Leman,” I told him, “Where could I get one of those?”

“Out here, I do not know. Back in Sootopolis, where my gym is, there are some lying on the ocean floor,” said Juan.

“You have a gym too!” I exclaimed. I have never heard of this Sootoplis that he’s talking about but I took his word for it.

Juan chuckled, “Yes I do. Any more questions?”

I thought for a moment and then said, ”Yes. Do you know where I could find a lot of Squirtle?”

“That is exactly what I came for! I know exactly where the Squirtle are, and I was hoping to catch one. I’m not going to tell you yet though,” he told me. “You will have to battle me first and if you win then I’ll tell you.” Then he smiled.

“No way!” I said, “You will destroy us.” Seadra nodded in agreement.

“Fine then,” he said. “I was willing to give you this Dragon Scale if you won. You can’t get into the cavern with a Seadra.” He turned and started to leave. His Kingdra was sucked back into its Pokeball.

If I needed that Dragon Scale to get into the cavern then I needed that Dragon Scale as soon as possible. I ran after Juan and called out to him.

“O.K.,” I yelled, ”I will battle you!”

“Great,” he said,” But, let's battle tomorrow. I have to get some things done today and it is getting late.”

I agreed and he walked off. Seadra and I trained our moves for the next four hours and Seadra definatly showed some improvement. His Ice Beams were hitting most of the time and his Twister looked more vicious than before. I went back to my apartment, very excited about the upcoming battle.

Done: 8680

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