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Default Re: Chris's Pokemon Trivia Game

Round 3 - All answers are based on Fire Red/ Leaf Green game data

1 Name two fully-evolved, non-Smeargle Pokemon that can learn Rock Tomb, Fury Swipes, and Foresight. (4 Points)

2 Name an attack that no Pokemon learns as of yet. (3 points)

3 Name a non-eeveelution Pokemon that is initially neutral to Grass but becomes weak to it when it evolves. (6 Points)

4 Name a Pokemon that is neutral to Grass, neutral to Rock, neutral to Ghost, and neutral to Flying. (6 Points)

5 Name 2 Pokemon that cannot, in any way, KO Shedinja with their movepools. Ditto can by using transform and Confuse Ray, FYI. (5 Points)
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