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Default Re: EV question involving the Daycare

Originally Posted by Lucavi View Post
Daycare raises your levels normally while you leave your pokemon there, it doesn't modify your Evs
Yeah this is what I did for experimenting>>>

I hatched a level 5 Chansey and EV-train, highest stat gain was around... 11? 12.

I took that Chansey's mama out of the breeding centre, (it was level 40 already), and EV-train. I got a jump of 20. Lol...

So the bottom rule is;
~Pokemon don't gain EVs unless they get EXP from BATTLES. Not day care.
~~If you feel like seeing big stat rises, Day-care your Pokemon to level 90, EV-train then, and you can see stat boosts of like, 65, 70? Especially true with Rayquaza! Lol!
~~Special THANKS! To Kaze and Hoshika for the Avatar! Thanks!
Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah who made this for me!

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