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Default Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Page Revealed! Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Page Revealed!

The official Pokemon website has revealed a new page for Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. You can access the page by clicking on the Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl icon on the main page of the official site at, or you can use this direct link:

Although no exact release date was revealed, a Spring 2007 release date (same date we've known for a while now) was listed at the page.

Information and Screenshots from the official website:
Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl are coming! Get ready for a brand new adventure in 2007!

A brand new world is waiting for you on the Nintendo DS this spring - Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl are two new games for the Nintendo DS which get back to the roots of Pokemon RPG's. Battling, collecting, and training are back and this time they take place in a new region - Sinnoh!

The Sinnoh region is a lush and beautiful area filled with lots of different plants and Pokemon. You start your adventure from a place called Futaba Town.*

Male Character
This is home of the main male character in Futuba Town* where the story starts. He looks ready for anything!

Female Character
This is the main girl character. With an eye-catching white hat and her bag slung low, she's ready to take on the world! Or at least Sinnoh!

The game has a 3D feel to it!
Check out one of the main characters walking through Sinnoh!

On the Path to Adventure!
Our fearless female character takes a stroll. Is that a Pokemon Center above her?

Beyond the Sea
What lies beyond this mysterious beach? Does this body of water connect to other areas of Sinnoh?

New Characters and Familiar Faces!
You may have seen some of these Pokemon before, but now you'll be able to play them in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl!

Munchlax uses a "Swallowing" attack!
Munchlax has a new unique move called Gulp* which recovers strength!

Weavile attacks with Revenge!
Although not much is known about this new attack, it looks effective!

*All names are tentative.

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*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:
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