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Default Teenage Souls (Star Wars FanFic)

Teenage Souls

Description: An Alternate Universe where Padme, Anakin, and Obi-Wan are all the same age, and Anakin and Padme don't know each other yet. They are all at a college, when Anakin and Padme meet each other...

Chapter 1: Across a Crowded Room

A/N: When a different parts are separated with -----, then it is changing of the person's point of view to another's. When it is separated buy *{[]}*, it is carrying over to a later time in the story.

Anakin was bored out of his wits. He was now in his freshman year of college, twenty years old. He was at University of Theed on Naboo. He couldn't wait to get out to go to the Jedi Academy.

It was his second day, and he had History, Jedi, Politics, Break (Full class time break), and then Geography. His favorite class was Geography, because he got to see sites of unknown places on Naboo. People had been there, but never told anyone where they were, but they did take pictures. They were about three times more beautiful than the rest of Naboo, which was also very beautiful. He had enjoyed it, because it got his mind off of how awful and hot Tatooine was. Whenever he thought of Tatooine, he thought of his dead mother, killed by Tusken Raiders when he was eight. That always made him angry, which was the path to the Dark Side.

He was in Politics right now, his least favorite class. History was okay, because he got to learn about wars. Jedi was his second favorite. He got to learn about wonderful Jedi, mostly Master Yoda and Master Windu. In politics, all they did was learn about the senate and stuff. He thought they would get to argue about stuff, that is why he signed up for it. He was direly wrong. In break, he thought he would hang out around the school, eat something, and perhaps make a girlfriend.

Everyday after school, he would go and learn about the Force and how it works and practice his lightsaber skills at the Jedi Academy. It was his favorite thing to do, and he always looked forward to it.


Padmè was excited. She liked all of her classes. Her schedule was History, Jedi, Politics, Break, and then Geography. In Geography, she got to study the beautiful landscape and plants of Naboo. In break she would just walk around the school, and go to the cafeteria. In politics, which she was in now, she got to learn about the senate. She wanted to be a senator after she got out of college. In Jedi, she got to learn about the famous Jedi and how they battles for their lives. In History, her least favorite class though she still liked it, she got to learn about Naboo in the past.

She was listening very carefully to the teacher, who was now talking about how the senate worked.


Anakin glanced at the chrono-clock on the wall. The teacher wrapped the lesson up as the bell rang, and Anakin let out a relieved sigh.

'Finally,' He thought.

He went out to the hallway, and next to the Geography room, where his friend, Obi-Wan came out.

"So, you going to eat in the cafeteria, today?" asked Anakin.

Obi-Wan shook his head with a sigh.

"There is a test in Jedi today, and I want to study," he said.

Anakin rolled his eyes, and said, " Why are you always studying. I only studied for about five minutes for it last night. It was simple."

"I still want to study," he said.

Anakin rolled his eyes again, and Obi-Wan turned the corner into the library. Anakin continued down the hallway, and into his dorm. Obi-Wan was also his roommate. Anakin put his books down. They didn't have any books for Geography, yet. He walked out the door, and headed the opposite way from where he was going. He caught a glance of Obi-Wan in the library. He was reading a book labeled "Master Yoda and his Awesome Wisdom".

Anakin finally reached the cafeteria. He got in the line, and took two pieces of fruit, and a small ball-shaped food.

He sat down next to his other two friends, Jake and Kitster. He was eating his last piece of fruit, and talking about the Jedi Academy when he noticed a beautiful girl. She was a brunette, and she was very slim. Anakin quickly saw her beautiful brown eyes. He quickly finished his last piece of fruit, and stood up, heading towards the table.

"Where are you going?" questioned Jake.

"Duh, towards that girl over there. By the way, her name is Padmè, and she has all the same classes with you. She's a good friend of mine," Kitster told Anakin. Anakin nodded in acknowledgement, and continued toward the table.

A/N: So, how do you like it. Please review. I don't mind constructive criticism about it, as long as it isn't flaming. Once, again, please review. I promise the other chapters will be longer.

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