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Default Re: RMT please

Originally Posted by Phoenix004
Get rid of Swampert's Surf attack? No offence or anything, but are you crazy bronislav84? That is not only the best water move in the game, but is also his Swampert's only water move! Any good trainer knows that a Pokemon should always have at least one move of its own type, for STAB if nothing else. Gamevoid also said that he needs Waterfall on a daily basis, which means he will need Surf on a daily basis as well.
By your logic, Sneasal should always have a dark and ice attack, you're an idiot if you don't give Castform Return, Nosepass without rock slide is useless, Mightyena is nothing without its Crunch, etc.

Simply not true. Swampert's stats is more directed at a physical fighter. Just like you wouldn't make Zell or Sabin your elite magic caster while you rely on Riona and similar characters as your physical weaponary users, the same concept applies. Swampert can do better without surf, so why bother giving it a STAB move? Sure, surf might OHKO Rhydon better than Earthquake, but it's not as if Earthquake will cause it to be killed in that one turn. Curse does boost Quake's damage, not surf, so Swampert's already little special attack wouldn't get an extra kick for surf, with or without STAB.
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