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Default [TEAM RP V] Team Trainer: Heroes of Honor- Beating with Brushes

Team Trainer

"As a Trainer, I will always honor and protect humans and pokemon alike."

There comes a time when justice has to given to villains hard and fast. It may not be what some say civil but it has to be done anyways. Justice can sometimes be done clean and sometimes it can be done dirty.

The people need heroes that can act fast without having people questioning them. The people deserve somebody that can pretect them in a way that can bring security. Still the normal way of justice doesn't do this fast enough and thus a new kind of justice needs to be used in order to provide this protection. A justice that isn't rough and uncivilized but one that can be honorable like civilized people.

Dark Justice, a justice that is quick and swift to bring villains to justice. It is consider dark because the ways this justice works has no limits as in what can be done but it is magestic with it beauty and secertive ways. We are Heroes of Honor. We are Dark Justice. We are Team Trainer.


When a person receives his or her Pokemon, he earns the privilege to battle. Only strong trainers will be able to prove themselves. However, a good trainer is someone who not only succeeds and tries hard, but one that has a cause. Are you ready to face the challenge of being a Pokemon Trainer? To fight evil wherever you travel and to uphold our principles to the end? I am, are you?

Our team is dedicated to the world. Our goals are based on truth and justice. We fight to win, never to lose. Our cause is great and we must be dedicated to survive. Although the path may be long and rocky, we will continue forward, with each step bringing us closer to our goal. When Darkness tries to engulf the World, we bring Light to give people Hope. We will never surrender to evil. So, are you ready to join our ranks? Good, then let's go!
- Harry Kim

Out of the ashes of inactivness a few brave trainers have risen to join the fight for honor, freedom and glory under a new way. Team Trainer fight using the ideals and morals of all pokemon trainers are raised with. These ideals include helping all no matter who they are. As trainers we have to aid assitance to all and to treat all with equality. Trainers have been known to work hard and to put their heart into everything they are involve in. Team Trainer welcomes all into their ranks as long as they believe in their Pokemon because deep down there is a trainer in everybody's heart. Together with greatness Team Trainer will rise from the ashes and shine.
-Micheal 'Mikey' Anone (Charizard_mike)


Look in the second post....


Steven formed Team Trainer as the fourth of the original four War Teams (the other three being Team Magma, Team Aqua, and Team Rocket). As the War began, Harry Kim later joined forced with Steven and became co-captain with him. Team Trainer faced off against Team Magma in the beginning of the War, but then later faced a new threat from The Magnificent Alliance. Regardless, Steven and Kim lead Team Trainer to victory in War Season 1, though later Steven resigned leaving Harry Kim as the sole leader for Team Trainer.

In War Season 2, Team Trainer continued to advance against the other teams, though faced considerable opposition from The Magnificent Alliance. In a bold move, Team Trainer merged with Team Tri-Blade. Tri-Blade's leader, Dapkmnguy, became Team Trainer's 1st Officer. Later when Harry Kim resigned as team leader due to technical reasons, Dapkmnguy became the leader of Team Trainer and brought the team to victory again in Season 2.

As Season 3 geared forward, Team Trainer soon found itself overpowered not by TMA, but by Team Nox. With determination, Team Trainer kept up with Team Nox in points, but when the season ended prematurely. Team Trainer ended up a few points behind Team Nox. Though, no winner was declared at the end of the season.

Team Trainer disbanded in War Season 4 in favor of new teams for the entire season, but was later revived by Harry Kim as an organization dedicated to upholding the values of honor and justice.

Team Trainer participated in War Season 5 and end up winning it. With the help of vetern Neo Winterfeild and rookies Mike Anone and Dark Umbreon Team Trainer was able to live to see the end of the WAR RP along with Team Aqua and Team DARK.

After the Season 5 WAR, Team Trainer died down in the fall and didn't particpate in the Tide of Darkness RPs. Then during the TEAM RP Team Trainer rose to particpate with only one member, Charizard_mike, particpating in the RP for Trainer.

Taking the remains of Team Trainer, Charizard_mike restarted the group after the time of inactiveness of the formal leader, HKim. Charizard_mike pulled Team Trainer during the TEAM RP saga alone and after a lot of hard work during the Vote For Teams for WAR VI and the tie breaker vote against Team Aqua, Charizard_mike with the help of Team Trainer's many supporters was able to pull though to place Team Trainer for the sixth season of the WAR.

Now Team Trainer itook part in WAR VI with Charizard_mike as leader, formal leader HKim as co-leader Tyrantar Trainer and StormtrooperX as co-leaders too along with the many loyal drafted members like Neptune, JothoTrainer, Diesel, Dusty, and Sonic. After the long and hard WAR VI, Team Trainer came in fourth place after a close fight for third place. This only showed that Team Trainer is a hard working team and still able to put up the good fight.

Background in TEAM RP IV

Team Trainer works as a voluteer military police force that helps out within the region of Kanto and thoughout the world where they are welcome. Team Trainer job was to withhold the peace where ever they are stationed by jumping into the action to provide aid. The aid could either be as in providing arms to providing food depending on the situation. Team Trainer is a technology focus team that always looking for ways to improve their weaponary and tools with new technology.

Before the situations in Hoenn and Sinnoh, Team Trainer was a fully human team and was welcome almost all over the world. Team Trainer would do jobs for the Kanto Government as in providing back up in defense around the region and to help out other regions that were with good terms with the Kanto Government.

When the metor hit Hoenn and Sinnoh, it seems as if the turmoil was hitting the whole world. Some of Team Trainer personal were in Hoenn and Sinnoh for missions and were affected and became Metorians. The Kanto government were still in discussion about what to do with Kanto citizens who were affected by te metor but they didn't act fast enough before most of the high ranking figures in the Kanto Government were assinated. It looked like the nation of Kanto was going to fall apart when the decision was made to give government power to the only remaining organize organzation within the Kanto nation which was Team Trainer. Team Trainer had a few members that understood the workings of a nation but they soon learn. It was decided to keep the Kanto Nation mostly the same but to have the top government officails to be member of Team Trainer with each their own allis names. The top government offcials that made mostly all top decisions were called The Council of Eight. The Council was made up of eight Team Trainer members with different backgrounds and when working as the Council then they would be called by their allis names which are just normal sounding names.

Still when the situations in Hoenn and Sinnoh happen, Team Trainer took some time to figure out what to do about this situation. Some wanted to be all human and get rid of the formal humans of Team Trainer that were position in Hoenn and Sinnoh or to intergrate to become a Metorian and human team. In the end in order to stay true to their ideals of treating pokemon and humans equally it was decided to also allow Metorians into the ranks of Team Trainer since it was understood that the ones that were effected by the situation had no choice in becoming Metorians. Still Team Trainer is mostly technology and are trying to take advantage of the magic that Metorians have. Just as with using technology to advance weaponary and tools, Team Trainer is also trying to use technology to advance the use of magic.

Since Team Trainer isn't fully welcome in mostly Metorian regions because they hold ties to humans they try to stay low in Hoenn and Sinnoh but they do try to help out forces there if possible. Team Trainer is mostly located in Kanto with their headquarters being in Lavendar Town with secondary headquaters being in the office buildings of Silph Co.

What can you do?: (RP, Graphics and etc)
Do you Brawl?:
Promise to be loyal and active:
Why you want to join:


Staff Ranks

Member Ranks

Honored Members
Harry Kim(HKim)
Tamer San
Neo Pikachu
Loyal Arcanine
Diesel 34


Charizard_mike Commander
Diesel 34 Captain
NinjaDuelist Lieutenant

ColdBoy Corporal
HKim Corporal
Kenny Corporal
metal sonic Detective
L05t_Caws_15 Detective
Ryan AKA Nissan Returns Detective
Scuba Detective
MewCrystal Detective
mew magician Detective
Volvagia Master Detective
dragster_breloom Detective
Gambling over Dancing Detective
ronjocox Detective
Death Murkrow Detective
Lord Blood Detective

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