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Default Re: Will they remake GSC?

Originally Posted by Matthew
I don't think it is a good idea... to remake the GSC... Yes they were the best, but There would be too many pokemon games... not a good idea. If I were to name them.... Shining Silver and Glistening Gold... lol.
I was thinking more along the lines of solar gold and lunar silver with a lunatone and solrock.

Originally Posted by >~Chikorita~<
1: Too many games
okay, so this would be the 12th and 13th but they were really good games.

Originally Posted by >~Chikorita~<
2: No reason to, since you can capture the Johto pokemon in FireRed/LeafGreen
The pokedex isn't everything.
I liked the storyline, the pokegear , the gyms, everything except the E4 and the graphics.
That's why I'm gold.