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Default Re: Manaphy Egg Mystery Appears at!

Originally Posted by PokemonElite2000 View Post
Manaphy Egg Mystery Appears at!

An image of the Manaphy egg is appearing at the official Pokemon website at It also lists a date of December 15th, 2006, which apparently is the date that more information will be revealed. Image of the Manaphy egg also appears and disappears randomly on the official site on various pages. We'll have information here on the website's news as well when more information is revealed.

The mystery revelation may reveal how to get Manaphy in Pokemon Ranger (which you can then transfer Manaphy to Pokemon Diamond/Pearl). And/or, it may reveal details on the Manaphy movie, the 9th Pokemon movie, which is scheduled to be released in Spring 2007 (exact date and title is not yet determined). Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is also scheduled to be released in the US in Spring 2007.

Pokemon Ranger for the Nintendo DS was released in the US back in October 30, 2006.

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*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:
hey can you tell me where exacly I get lombray in pokemon rangers
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