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Default Re: Manaphy Egg Mystery Appears at!

Originally Posted by Thegreats View Post
Don't double post, there is an edit button. And what's a lombray? And wxavtly? Anyways that's off topic as I think.

I was hoping for Nintendo to give us the pass as a christmas gift. And the password window isn't showing for me.
Well, L and R are the buttons behind your DS, right? I'm not too sure how it happened for me, but I pressed every button except the 'B' button (inclusive of the 'start and select' buttons - I did that with my chin! ) and I have the password mode up and running for me.

I figured they'd give away the password for Christmas, too, but then again maybe they're still perfecting the password or summat? My guess they'll give it to use before the new year.

Don't be too harsh on Yucario, Thegreats, he's just a new trainer and it's not his fault that he doesn't know that he should limit his posts.

To answer your question, Yucario, Lombre's supposedly found in the Olive Jungle, and requires Water + Cut Pokemon Assists to get to it. Good luck though, I've never seen it before.

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