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Default Re: Squirtles in Cinnabar

Squirtles in Cinnabar
Chapter 4: Battle for the Scale

by Leman000

That night I barely slept, due to my excitement. I was going to battle a master trainer. The prize of victory would be amazing. A Dragon Scale and a trip to the Squirtles home, where I could finally catch it. It would be invaluable in my battle against Blaine. Seadra couldn’t sleep either; the chance to evolve was obviously filling its mind. He would become a large, wise, and powerful Kingdra, which he had admired since his days as a Horsea.

Amazingly, I actually got a wink or two of sleep, and so did Seadra. I gave him his morning Calcium and Carbos to boost his performance in the battle. Seadra gulped it down quickly, and I gave him a Pokeblock, which he ate happily. Seadra was ready for the upcoming battle, gut he was very nervous. He was pacing around in his pool I built for him in the side of the room.

“Time to go,” I told him.

I took out his Pokeball and pressed the button. A red light shot out and hit Seadra in the chest and he was sucked back into the ball. I walked out into the hallway and out the door, into town. I found Juan waiting for me at the Pokemon Center.

“Leman!!” he exclaimed joyfully, “Are you and your Seadra still up for that battle?”

“Of course we are,” I said.

“Good. We’ll have it by the port in water. And if you win you still get that Dragon scale,” he aid to me.

He pulled it out and showed it to me. It sparkled in the bright light of the Pokemon Center. He put it back and I came to my senses again.

“Great!!” I said, ”Let's get going.

We left the Pokemon Center and moments later we arrived at the docks. The place he took me to almost looked like a stadium. There were two rectangular platforms about fifty feet apart jutting out of the side of the dock. The entire field was covered with water, so Juan was obviously going to use something that could not survive on land. Juan took out a pokeball and threw it.

“Lapras! Go!” he yelled.

An enormous, dinosaur-like pokemon erupted out of the pokeball in blinding flash of white light. It had a long neck and four, large fins. It was all blue except for the hard, dark grey shell. I had only read about these majestic pokemon, and had never seen one before. The books said that they were extremely rare, and very strong.

“Come on out Seadra,” I said, and threw my own pokeball in the air.

Seadra popped out of its pokeball accompanied by more white light. Seadra was startled by Lapras’s size. He had known Lapras was big, but this one was larger than normal.

“Lapras, start things off with an Ice Beam attack!” said Juan to Lapras.

“Dodge and use Smokescreen,” I told Seadra.

Lapras’s mouth turned to an icy blue and a freezing blast of frosty air shot out of Lapras’s mouth straight to Seadra. Seadra quickly moved to the left and the Ice Beam froze the water that Seadra was in. Seadra shot out a barrage of inky black smoke and Lapras lost all of its sight. She was still shooting out Ice Beams that were landing nowhere near Seadra.

“Yes!” I exclaimed, “Good Job Seadra now try a Twister attack.”

Seadra sucked in air and launched out a vicious Twister, which hit Lapras, who was still firing out Ice Beams. None of them hit Seadra. Lapras gave out a small cry of pain, when the Twister hit, paused, but then resumed launching Ice Beams.

“Mist, Lapras,” said Juan calmly.

A cool mist shot out of Lapras’s nostrils, pushing away the Smokescreen. Seadra was startled to see that Lapras emerged and was seemingly unharmed by the Twister attack. Juan smiled.

“Now Lapras, Thunderbolt!” he yelled.

Lapras’s body was suddenly covered with electric sparks that she hurled at Seadra. They hit Seadra dead on and he was knocked on to a small block of ice that Lapras had made near my feet. The entire field was littered with these small anchored pieces of ice. Seadra was barely hanging on to consciousness. I quickly scooped him up and gave him a Super Potion and placed him back in the water.

“Now Lapras, finish him off with a Body Slam,” said Juan calmly.

Lapras swam backwards a bit a sped up preparing to ram Seadra. Unfortunately she crashed into some of the ice cubes. Lapras bellowed in pain and small cuts appeared on her underbelly. She spun around and realized that there her Ice beams had trapped her. She dove under water to see if there was another way out but there obviously wasn’t because she popped back up to where she started.

“Seadra, Hydro Pump!” I exclaimed.

Seadra sucked in air a blasted out a stream of high-pressured water straight at Lapras’s face. The water hit and she yelled in pain.

After the stream of water had stopped coming, Juan yelled, ”Use Surf Lapras.”

The water level fell and rose us beneath Lapras. The huge wave started to travel towards Seadra quickly gaining speed, and Lapras was riding on top. It destroyed some of the icebergs that trapped Lapras.

“Ice Beam!” I yelled. “Freeze the wave!”

Seadra didn’t hesitate; he quickly shot out the beam of freezing air directly at the gigantic wave. As soon as it hit the wall of water instantly started to freeze. The Ice started at the point where the beam had hit slowly making its way up and around the water. Soon the entire wave was ice and Lapras slid down back into the small prison it had made before.

“Dive, down Seadra,” I commanded.

“Thunderbolt again, Lapras,” said Juan.

Seadra leapt under the water, while Lapras fired a Thunderbolt. It hit an iceberg and rebounded off into the sky.

“Come up and use Hydro Pump,” I said.

“Be on your guard,” advised Juan.

Seadra popped up right in front of Lapras, and blasted out a high-pressured jet of water straight at Lapras. Seadra was so close that there was no time for the attack to lose power or for Lapras to dodge. Lapras whined and bellowed in pain.

"Ice Beam, now!" said Juan.

Lapras recovered from the Hydro Pump attack, and launched out another beam of freezing air staight at Seadra. His eyes widened with surprise and he dove under water. The beam hit the water and it froze.

"Seadra, come up and use Hydro Pump again," I yelled.

Seadra did resuface, but he did not use Hydro Pump. He was frozen, solid.

"Now use Body Slam, Lapras," said Juan.

Lapras swam back, slid up the wave, and then slid down, coliding with Seadra. Seadra flew over towards me, hit the ground, and the ice he was encased in shattered! I picked him and gace him another super potion, and put him back in the water.

"Use Hydro Pump, Seadra," I said.

"Ice Beam, Lapras! Freeze his beam of water!" yelled Juan.

Seadra blasted out the large balst of water, but it went to high. Lapras's Ice Beam froze the Hydro Pump, and it hovered, right above Lapras. Then it came crashing down on top of Lapras's head. Lapras's cry was muffled as the log of ice fell down, throwing Lapras's head in the water. Her head resurfaced and she was unconcious. Juan took out her Pokeball, and sucked her back up into it in a flash or red light.He took the Dragon Scale out of his pocket and tossed it to me. I caught it just before it hit the ground.

“Congratulations! You've earned it.” he said jovially, “But that Dragon Scale doesn’t work on its own. You have to trade it .”

I gave the scale to Seadra and put him back inside of his Pokeball. We walked down to the Pokemon center and came up to the trading machine. He told me that he would trade me his Lapras and then trade back. I agreed. I put Seadra’s ball in the machine, and Juan put his in. The machine sucked them up and put them back on the other side. Then we did this again.

I grabbed the pokeball on my side of the machine and ran down to the dock and released Seadra into the water. At first he looked normal, and he was still holding the Dragon Scale, but suddenly he began to glow. His body wiggled and squirmed and the shining mass became bigger and stronger. Finally he stopped glowing and Seadra wasn’t floating in the water. A powerful Kingdra had taken his place.

Done: 8680

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