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Default Re: Squirtles in Cinnabar

Squirtles in Cinnabar
Chapter 5: Squirle meets us again

by Leman000

I hopped onto my newly evolved Kingdra gleefully. Kingdra looked very happy also.

“Come on!” I said joyfully to Juan, “You said you’d show me where the Squirtle were.”

“Yes. I did. Lets go,” he said.

Juan took out a pokeball and pressed the button. In a flash of red light another Kingdra appeared beside mine. Juan hopped on it.

“Well what are you waiting for?” asked Juan. “Lets get this show on the road.” And he was off.

I hopped on Kingdra. “Hahaha. Lets catch ‘em Kingdra,” I said to Kingdra who sped up to pursue Juan.

The cold air blasted on my face and Kingdra created a defining roar with its amazing speed in the water. With Kingdra’s newfound speed and endurance he quickly caught up to Juan.

“Get ready to dive!” yelled Juan over the roar.

Juan’s Kingdra quickly slipped under the waves and he was gone. Momentarily my Kingdra and I went under also. Being under water was amazing. The water was a clear greenish blue and very warm. A school of Magickarp swam about fifty feet away and aincient Relicanth was slowly drifting across the ocean floor.

Juan suddenly pointed ahead and his Kingdra sped up too. I looked to see a Squirtle. He wasn’t the same Squirtle that I had battled a couple of days before. His shell wasn’t charred. Kingdra sped up to follow him. The Squirtle was startled and swam up. Juan and I followed it. It entered a damp, musty tunnel that was half way filled with water. The Squirtle kept swimming but Kingdra was too big. I pushed the button on the pokeball and Kingdra was sucked up into it. Juan did also. The Squirtle quickly swam up stream.

“Politoad! Go!” he yelled.

A large green frog like jumped out of the Pokeball in a flash of white light. It looked giddy and almost like it was form a Cartoon.

“Politoad, Double Edge attack on that Squirtle!” he said.

Politoad bounded up to the Squirtle, jumped up and slammed on top it. Squirtle helped in pain. Juan and I ran towards them. When Politoad got off it Squirtle was floating face down in the water. Juan then threw a Pokeball at it. Squirtle was sucked up in flash of red light. The Pokeball floated in the water and wobbled for a couple seconds. Suddenly it stopped and Juan picked it put it in his pocket.

“Return Politoad,” he said and Politoad was sucked up into a different Pokeball in the same flash of red light. “Good luck,” said Juan and then he turned and started to depart.

“You’re leaving?” I yelled.

“Yes,” he said, “ I showed you the place and now you have to get that Squirtle.”

“Okay,” I said.

He turned to leave and waded through the water. I ran up ahead as fast as I could. The tunnel slowly started to slant up wards. After a few hours the tunnel was really steep and I was swimming as hard as I could. I reached a large room where there was a large waterfall that fell for miles from the ceiling. On the other side of the waterfall the tunnel there was a small black figure. I let out Kingdra just in case it attacked. The water was now deep enough for Kingdra to swim in.

The thing leapt out from behind the waterfall into the pool. It was a large, and angry Squirtle. The most noticeable feature was the large black burn mark on the back of its shell.

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