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Default Re: Manaphy Egg Mystery Appears at!

Originally Posted by Yucario View Post
Thanks the exact info is where you see all those Lotads befor you go to the mankys go up were the electric is and use a lotad then clim up the vine and cut the bush there I said it
...? 0_o'

Well, I'm not too sure what you just said, but I tried to find the Lombres for you and the way to catch one is in the Olive Jungle, near the Lotad pond. You'll see a seedling to the right (the one you watered before to get to the Sceptile), just do as you did before to make it sprout. Once you climb up, you'll see the Sceptile once again - capture it and use it's 'Cut' assist to help you slice the flowered bush behind it. Go in and you'll see a little pond with two cute Lombre's in there!

I just tried it last night, I hope it helps!

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