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Default VPP Holiday Party!

Welcome to the VPP Holiday Party! In this event, you have the opportunity to win special prizes that you would not be able to receive otherwise. You may happen to post on a lucky spot and receive a Rare Candy, which can reduce the amount of posts you need to finish your VPP, or possibly even finish them right then and there. This is not all there is to win, however. What other surprises are there? Read and find out!

Mystery Eggs
What could be in these weird eggs? Is it possible that the colors and requirements have a clue as to what could possibly be inside? Take a risk and find out! You never know what you could get in return…

(1 Grass/1 Normal) (1 Water/1 Ice and 1 Dark) (1 Psychic/1 Normal and 1 Ground)

Like Legendary Pokemon, you can reserve an egg. Only one per person, please.

Blue egg reserved by DarkUmbreon - Weavile
Green egg reserved by Mitsuko - Seedot
Red egg reserved by Ridley - Aruseas

Thanks to Shady for the sprites!

Rare Candies
I have chosen random post numbers for this thread. If you happen to make one of those lucky posts, you will receive one of these tasty treats in return. The numbers needed for your VPP to finish may be reduced by as much as 20 posts or higher, and there are other posts that will finish your VPP right on the spot. The more you post, the higher your chances of receiving one of these will be. However, please do not take this to mean you can SPAM your way there! Treat this event as you do a regular VPP Region thread, but do not be afraid to ask questions or chat with everyone who is participating in this event.

Free VPPs
Two special post numbers contain holiday Pokemon who have arrived just in time for Christmas! If you happen to make one of these posts, you may find yourself with one of the best presents you could possibly find from the VPP.

Stantler - found by Dragon Hunter
Delibird - found by lucario_92

Legendary Vouchers
The first five people to inquire about this offer have the chance of getting this special pass, which will allow you to take a legendary Pokemon for just half the requirements needed! Like one of those jail cards from the game Monopoly, this may only be used once.

To make sure that your post is accepted regarding this offer, please make sure you use the word “legendary” or “voucher”.

Takers - Shady, leman000, eeveebrothers, kingrptr101, Umbreon Shadow

All the vouchers have been taken! Please do not ask about them. Congratulations to the five who now own them!

Finally, to make sure that everyone has a fair chance of getting a present, please do not go overboard with posting, despite how tempting it might be! Posting one too many times or SPAMing may result in a ban from all the events in this thread. Please take caution, and have fun.

Happy holidays!

Members banned from participating ~ Megumi (aww!)

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