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Default Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?

im re-playing ocarina of time, probably the best game in existence, however people argue that twilight princess beats it, but i havent played twilight princess so i wouldnt know. but i am getting a wii and then when i beat windwaker ill get TP.
im also re-completing SuperMario 64
Currently NOT re-playing, but playing for first time:
- Star Wars Lethal Alliance DS, my rating 8.5 for star wars fans, 7 for non SW Fans
- Brain Age DS: 8.5
- Lego Star Wars 2 DS: 8 for SW fans, 6.5 for everyone else
- DBZ: Supersonic Wariiors 2: 8 for DBZ fans, 6.5 for everyone else
- New Super Mario Bros.: 9.5 for everyone
- StarFox Command: 9.8 for starfox fans, 9.5 for eveyone else
oh hi.
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