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Default 19- Three Years Ago With Uriel

So, Uriel left and came back, well stocked with all his bodyguard gadgets and toys. He had never dealt with Pokemon, nor had any interest in them. But his job now required protection against Pokemon, and he had to follow the boss. This might be his last job opportunity in the Blackthorn area. He loves his hometown and would hate to move away from the crisp, clean mountain air.

And when he went back on duty, nothing happened. Same as the next day, and the next. Perhaps with the Trainers working, the Pokemon might have been scared off. Nothing happened for a week, progress was moving quickly. All the wall supports were up, the foundation sturdy, and the second floor storage would be set up tomorrow. *CRASHASHShhh.*

He swung his flashlight around. His shift was almost over and he was ready to go home. What was that noise? He aimed the light, searching the grounds. He came upon a spot with an upside down metal paint lid. A few paint smudged were left on the ground. Looking around, he saw a blue zigzag against the wooded wall frame. It was the Pokemon. He was as nervous as the first day in high school. What to do, what to do... He went on instinct and jumped at it, hoping to catch it in his arms. SLAM! He hits his head against the wood, clearly missing. No... wait. Sliding back sitting down, he looked at the wall closely. It was paint, blue paint on the wood. He wiped his head, where the paint transferred to. Soon after, the paint bucket was thrown on him, covering him full of blue paint. He frantically cleared his face and stubbled to his feet, squinting to see, spiting paint from his mouth. A pink blurry tongue lashed at his neck, stripping the whistle from him. Uriel slipped back, coughing, feeling defeated. The flashlight pointed out but the Pokemon was gone.

Uriel arrived to work the following day, explaining his ordeal last night. Claude was very upset.

“Kecleon has been blowing that whistle all morning. And every single time, the workers have to stop in the middle of work. *SIGH* We haven’t accomplished anything today except cleaning up the paint.”

But Uriel didn’t feel guilty. “I believe this Pokemon is smart. There must be some reason it’s attacking the site and not the other buildings nearby.”

“Look, it’s not your job to understand anything. Protect the site, that’s all. Got it?” Claude walks away, yelling at workers as he leaves.

Even though he knew nothing of Pokemon, he was curious as to the intention of this one. Is there some past history between this company and Kecleon? Or perhaps they built over its home. But maybe there is no reason except pure enjoyment of the suffering of humans. And the more he thought about it, the more he wanted to find Kecleon and ask it.

Half-way through his shift, he asked the guys if they wanted to go out and search for the Pokemon. Naturally they declined, saying it’s not in their union to listen to bodyguards. So Uriel decided to go into the forest and search on his own.

The light shed through the threes, making it very easy to see anything moving. He took one slow step at a time, making sure to remain quiet. But after a few minutes, he grew bored and suspicious. If Kecleon was smarter, maybe it’s attacking the site while he was out here. Ah, but right at that moment, he was relieved: it was a couple yards in front of him, back turned, looking around. Claude was correct, he had a purple body with its blue zigzag pattern. As if sensing a presence, the chameleon jumped around, arms up ready to defend. It tilted its head, shaking, and slowly blends in to the forest background.

“I still see you.” His attention was quickly drawn to the silver whistle around it’s neck. “I see you have something of mine.” Kecleon became visible again, feeling scared, and scrambled to run away. “No, wait, I just want to talk.” Uriel was nervous, speaking to a Pokemon, but also enchanted that he was able to do so. And watching Kecleon stop and turn back to him, was even more amazing. “That’s good. Listen, I need that whistle back, it’s very important to me.”

But Kecleon held on to it tightly, refusing. “Kec!”

“I promise that if I see you I won’t use it to alarm the others. You can trust me on that.” The little Pokemon blinked, looked at the whistle, took it off its neck, and kicked it at the human. “Thank you,. Kecleon is it? Now I want to know why you’re attacking the site. You’ve really caused a lot of damage to them.”

It thank hard and drew a box with a triangle on top, symbolizing a home. It motioned toward the site and then finished off the drawing with a smiley face.

“That was your happy home and they built over it, huh? I’m sorry for that, maybe I can help you find a new place to live.”

“HEY!” a loud voice shouts. A young guy swinging a long mallet stamped into the scene. “What do you THINK you’re doing? That’s the Pokemon we need caught and you’re here dilly-dallying with it. The boss won’t like hearing this.”

“Who are you?”

“Claude’s co-manager to the bowling alley. Name’s Paul.” Quickly after introducing himself, he raised his mallet and slammed it down at Kecleon, slamming it head first into the ground. The mallet dug a nice deep hole in the grass. Frightened and severely injured, Kecleon ran off.

“I was trying to talk to it until you showed up...”

“No excuses. I’m the boss. Me.” He swung his mallet over his shoulder with a childish smirk. “You better chase after it with me, or you’re fired.”

Uriel stood dumbfounded. A couple more minutes with Kecleon and he might have solved the problem. But this idiot decided to ruin it. Nonetheless, he was the boss and he couldn’t risk losing his job. The two followed in pursuit, but to no luck.

“Looks like I wounded it, that should keep it away until we’re finished. Which, at this rate, is looking around a week and a half. Can you manage to do your job for that much longer? If you need a reminder of how we want you to do your job, I’ll find a blackboard and make you write it out 100 times.”

“Yes, sir.” Saying that last word was hard. He didn’t like this guy’s attitude, especially coming from the co-manager.


Just as Claude said, work continued at a faster pace, and with no more interruptions from the invisible Pokemon. A week and a half went by and the entire structure was up, painted, neon lights working, everything. Only things left were shipment of bowling equipment and hiring workers.

Uriel was invited to a small ceremony along with the other workers. This wasn’t a ribbon cutting ceremony, but a little meeting talking about the future. The only person who wasn’t there was Claude, who was out on some other job. The ceremony ended quickly, with nothing said of real importance. Booker pulled him aside to chat.

“Good work keeping watch. It’s too bad none of us could catch that Kecleon.”

“It could come back.”

“We have it covered. We’ve installed an electric fence around the sides and back. I want you to work for me and protect the entrance. Not only from wild Pokemon, but problematic customers or anyone that needs thrown out. How about it?”

A bouncer... at a bowling alley? That’s odd. “Sure, I don’t mind sir.” They shook hands with smiles.

“Hey, Booker!” Paul was yelling. “Have you seen my mallet? It’s not in the car.”

“Eh? I saw it somewhere... oh, there it, leaning against the fence.”

Paul screamed, cursing at whoever moved it. As soon as he grabbed it, electricity filled the air. All the neon lights flashed on, the sidewalk mini lights, and the electric fence. Paul immediately shot through the air, holding his mallet, and landing with a crisp sound of crunching leaves.

Booker rushed over to his friend. The lights weren’t supposed to come on, not until they opened. He quickly performed CPR. Paul wheezed hot air out, coughing and shaking. “...that’sss the lassst timme .... eh... I leave ..... my mallet alone.... gehh...” Booker told him to lie still as he called for an ambulance.

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