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Default Re: Battle # 27 {AIM} {3v3} Leader CloudNine vs May Norman {GYM}

Type: [AIM]


Rules: Gym match: Vermillion. Leader: FlameRyshun, RSE 3v3 Rain.


Combatants & Mons:

FlameRyshun [Jolteon, Lanturn, Magneton] vs May Norman [Tyranitar, Walrein, Salamence]


Outcome: T-Tar came out and effectively ended rain. Ko'ed Jolteon with two Eq despite -1 to accuracy. Lanturn came in and finished T-tar with a Surf and Hydro Pump, however T-tar did get off a EQ. Walrein came in and EQ'ed the weakened Lanturn to death but, not beofre a T-bolt was launched.. Magneton came in and zap cannoned Walrein killing it. But was no match for Salamence.



May norman wins and gets $2,000 badge + Tm T-Bolt
FlameRyshun Loses and gets $1,000
Me $1,500


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