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Default Re: Battle # 30 {AIM} {3v3} Younglink vs Loyal Arcanine

Type: [AIM]


Rules: Colloseum, 3v3, No items, Normal Terrain.


Combatants & Mons:

Younglink [Salamence, Aerodactyl, Alakazam] vs LA [Sceptile, Electrode, Alakazam]


Outcome: Sceptile and Salamence were sent first but were quickly switched out for Aerodactyl and Electrode. Electrode Ko'ed Aerodactyl, and did some damage to Salamence before finally falling. Sceptile though severly weakened Finished off Mence before Alakazam killed it off though it did get a rock Tomb off. Mike's Alakazam finished Chris off with two Shadow Balls.



LA wins and gets $1,000
Younglink Loses and gets $500
Me $1,500


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