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Arrow Re: Need a rescue team? Applications here!

Originally Posted by An-124 View Post
Team: Blue Squad (Ooooh exotic! ).

Team Members I USE: Lvl 43 Swampert (Starter). Lvl 37 Sceptile (Partner). Lvl 45 Zapdos. Lvl 52 Moltres. Lvl 54 Articuno. Lvl 25 Kyogre. Lati@s combo.

Rank: Gold.

Rescue Points: 2400 or thereabouts.

Friend Rescues: 0 but I have rescued hundreds of clients.

Mission Difficulty Accepted: S and below.

Other information: Stuck in Silver Trench for the moment waiting for a rescue.
Once some one rescues you, please SAVE ME! I'm in buried relic, BFL40 (I think... ) Look for the swampert.
Wondermail: r8?n3frywoc??4xn?9ow????fshq?4?h1yh6??+?t(male sign)f-?q???r65rm
thanks in advance!
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