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Default [forum] King Zark, americantreefrog, DarkGardevoir and Milos {SMART}

Normal Smart Rank Contest
Standard Rules

Zark with Venusaur
ATF with Victreebel
DG with Butterfree
Milos with Shroomish

Primary Round:
Venusaur was the only Pokemon that ate a Berry, with Maxed Smart stats.

Secondary Round:
Venusaur was the target of most startles, putting it last in most rounds. Victreebel had a nice lead, but the third turn, Shroomish scored a Combo and Crowd points, pushing it into the lead. Forth turn was randomized. By the fifth turn, Shroomish was skipped because Milos didn't respond. This gave Victreebel a nice push into winning appeals. Venusaur ended up last, but with maxed primary round points, manages to win.

King Zark wins and gets $2,000 + ribbon.
ATF is 2nd.
Milos is 3rd
DG is 4th.

Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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