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Default Re: Reffing FAQ

I'm glad there's response to this.
@ Infested:
When using Snatch, can it snatch a Substitute or no?
Yes. Snatch is a move that is readied before the enemies attack, and it comes in 2 parts. First, the user gets ready to snatch the move, just as another Pokémon tightens focus for a focus punch, etc.
Second, if the foe uses a non-attacking move, such as substitute, it will not execute the move (That means, it won't lose HP, or it will lose it and then regain it). Nothing happens with the defending pokémon, it's move is given to the snatching pokémon. It's like, Hey! You don't get to attack at all, but I get 2 moves! 1 for making you not attack, and the second one is the move you were going to use! Ha!. Pretty cool, yeah, and it goes through Sub!.

@Volcanflame: Yes, and the move KO's the Sub.

@YoungLink: For make it less complex, we put 500 and 400 base damage instead of "Double power" or "Half defense".

If you find more mistakes in the encyclopedia, do tell me. I made hugue corrections to substitute the other day.
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