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Originally Posted by Ataro View Post
But, Ash does look good with Aipom on it's shoulders!
I feel you. I likle Aipom way better. But I guess they cant just throw out Pikachu like that. Unlesssss they want to change the story around and make it so Pikachu goes off to train or something like Charizard. I would like to see that you know. But it would never happen seeing that the only pokemon the parents in america know is pikachu and taking him away will not allow them to connect with their kids who are putting their life and soul into making the best pokemon team. And when someone finds it I will just copy them and put Leafia in for myself. Man i love that damn pokemon. Hitmonlee used to be my number one but Leafia is for me. Dont know why just wish they gave it more moves.
Sorry. But yea I cant wait for Aipom to evolve.
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