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Default Comments on PokePark: Merely a Possibility! Comments on PokePark: Merely a Possibility!

To kick of the new year, PE2K presented an article that details some of the major release dates and events for Pokemon in 2007. Among them, a small note concerning the PokePark. PokePark is a temporary theme park that debuted in Japan in 2005. In 2006, the theme park moved to Taiwan. It was announced that the PokePark will run for five years through 2010. After the Taiwan visit, the PokePark will visit another location. And there's the big question, where will PokePark be in 2007? The US is one possibility, but of course, just a possibility, nothing confirmed, nothing official, nada. commented on the PokePark in a recent Mailbag saying that it's merely a possibility:

Question: I read a web article earlier this year, advising that the Pokemon Park would be traveling to Europe and US later in the year - I haven't seen any updates on Is this going to occur in 2007? Be careful what you read on the internet - while there's always a possibility that POKEPARK could travel to another country, what you've heard was merely that: a possibility! If it's officially decided that POKEPARK will be coming to the United States, then we'll have the news.

The person who asked that question probably got it confused when reports suggests that the US, Europe, and Shanghai (China) are among locations being considered after the Taiwan visit. As always, we'll have updates here in the news if there are any new updates on the PokePark, wherever it ends up.


*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:
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