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Default Re: The Machine of Lifelessness

OK. This is my second story. It’s a sequel to my first story.

The Machine of Lifelessness
Chapter One: Eizen's Temper

by Leman000

“Magmar, use Flamethrower!” yelled Eizen.

Eizen was the local, hotheaded battler, here on Cinnabar Island. While his battling skills and Pokemon were amazing, so was his temper. He was an older fellow, around 65 years old. Right now he was furious, ready to destroy anyone who would battle him. Somehow, I had wound up in a battle with him.

“Squirtle, Water Gun,” I said to my tiny turtle.

I had caught Squirtle about a mile away from the town in a small underwater cavern. He had a large black burn mark on his otherwise brilliant orange shell. He had received that mark from a Charizard, who happened to belong to the very trainer we were battling right now.

The Water Gun and Flamethrower collided halfway between the two combatants. Steam rose from the two beams of water. Magmar’s powerful Flamethrower was boiling the water.

“Get out of the way and use Hydro Pump,” I told Squirtle.

The turtle put an end to the endless stream of water, leapt out of the way of the incoming flames and launched another, even larger, blast of water from its mouth. Magmar moved swiftly to the left, dodging the incoming water.

“Flamethrower again, Magmar,” said Eizen.

“Dodge, and try another Hydro Pump,” I said.

Flames sprayed out of Magmar’s duck-billed mouth and quickly raced towards Squirtle. Squirtle was hit by the line of fire, flew backwards, but quickly recovered from the blast. Then he let loose another gigantic stream of water which rocketed towards Magmar. Magmar easily slipped out of the way of the incoming water.

“Fire Punch, Magmar,” ordered Eizen.

“Use Hydro Pump one more time, Squirtle,” I said to him.

Magmar raced towards Squirtle, at a speed that I thought was impossible for a Magmar to reach. Flames appeared around its hand as it ran. Squirtle launched out a large river of high-pressured water at the incoming fire pokemon. Magmar dodge the attack and kept on running. Magmar and its blazing fist were only a couple feet away from Squirtle, when I yelled,

“Squirtle, Ice Beam! Freeze it to that spot!”

Magmar was so concentrated on hitting Squirtle that it didn’t even hear me yell. Squirtle fired out a column of freezing air at Magmar’s feet. They struck and Magmar stopped running, and fell down, flat on its face. It got up slowly, truly embarrassed by its fall.

“Nooooooooooooooooooo!” yelled Eizen, “You bumbling buffoon! Thaw yourself out! Thaw yourself out!!”

“Hydro Pump, Squirtle. Straight at its face,” I said.

Magmar started spit out small flames towards its frozen feet in an attempt to thaw them out. Meanwhile Squirtle threw up a great stream of water, which rushed straight to Magmar. It collided with Magmar’s underbelly and he fell onto its back. The ice still held strong, but Magmar’s eyes had turned into two large ‘x’s. Eizen cursed, pulled out a pokeball, pressed a button, and Magmar was sucked into it in a flash of brilliant red light. He stormed off yelling something about a crazy turtle.

“Great Job, Squirtle,” I said.

I threw him a Pokeblock and we headed home.

Me, and my four pokemon lived on the ground floor of a large apartment building, near the port. It took Squirtle and me about half an hour to get home, and when we opened the door we were greeted by Spinirak, Kingdra, and Eevee.

Kingdra was my oldest and strongest Pokemon. He was, as some call it, my starter. He coloring was a bit unusual, he had purplish tinge to him. He was floating in the small tank I had built for him inside our room, watching a sleeping Eevee.

Spinirak was a small, playful pokemon, with green body and many odd patterns all across her back. Right now she was sitting atop her large silky web. I had found her in a large dumpster in one of the alleys by the Pokemon Gym. There I battled him and caught him.

The third Pokemon in the room was Eevee. She was sleeping, but looking at the state of the rest of the place, she had been running around before I arrived, and quickly lost all of her energy. Eevee was the youngest of my pokemon, and I had nursed her back to health after her horrible mother abandoned her.

The sun was already gone and it was dark. I pulled out a Pokeball, and pressed the button. There was a flash of red light and Eevee was sucked into it. I didn’t want her to start running around at two o’clock in the morning. We all curled up in our own beds. I turned off the lights, and drifted off to sleep.

Done: 8680

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