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Default Re: Anime/Manga Review

Manga: Lilim Kiss
Read: Both Volumes
ESRP rating: Teen (13+) *light hentai
Genre: Romantic comedy

From the same author and animator of Ichigo 100%, comes the story of some guy...and a demon.

Quality of the drawings

It's really good, the drawings. I can see talent in there, and heck they're all drawn to perfection. Yes, from the wacky characters to the puffball thing, it's all good.

Yes the hero looks like Manaka from Ichigo...and the heroine looks like Aya Toujou from Ichigo...



So it's about this guy who found this necklace. Apparently this necklace has a little pot (or something like that) and when he opened it...Lilim came.

Okay, it's probably a better plot than Ichigo 100%. Since it's much shorter to begin with, it doesn't seem dragged.



All the characters have some sort of personality that "suits" them. This time both the hero and heroine both are relatively good. The other supporting cast is okay at best...still.



The angles return in Lilim Kiss, but the little demon plot is refreshing for a romantic comedy compared to the other stuff.



Yes it's sexy and it's supposed to be. It's entertainment for the guys yes. At least this time we're talking about a supposedly hot guy getting a cute demon girl. And yes, it's for the ichigo readers who've been wondering how Toujou would be like if she was so open and aggressive.


37/50 or 7.4

It's an above average rating. The reasoning toward this is due to it being so short and therefore not get relatively annoying. Nice.

- Kenny C. *don't ask me why I'm having Tsukasa in my sig*

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