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Default Re: The Dark Council

Originally Posted by Zero View Post
Name: Pheonix (Zero)
Class: Grey Jedi
Light Saber(s) Color: dual sabers, both blue
Space Ship: Customized A-Wing

Sorry I'm late, did I miss anything fun?

Going back to battlefront discussion, the first is better. The AI can actually pilot the T-47's on Hoth a HECK of a lot better than on the second. In BF II, they crash into EVERY FLIPPIN' THING THEY SEE!

That, and in the first one the Endor bunker blew up. heh, explosions...

And if you played TIE Fighter. Not as evident than in the books though, but his strategies were near flawless, especially against Zaarin. (just had to hope the fighter pilots knew what they were doing...)

yea, the ai's arent as good in ships as they were on battlefront one, but they are better in foot at least, and i couldnt agree more about the bunker, i mussed the blowing up of it so much!

and i havent played tie fighter, whats it about, and what system(s) is it for
oh hi.
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