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Default Re: The Dark Council

TIE Fighter, real old game, first released on those ancient square disks known as floppys, then released to CD-Rom in 95. I doubt you could find it anymore, except in the hands of a few people (Its a wonder the game held up as long as it did.)

Mainly, you're a pilot for the Imperial Navy, starting off after the Battle of Hoth. You fly a few tours and deal with the Rebels and various imperial traitors. the first sotryline is Admiral harkov who's aiding the rebels and defecting, along with most of his fleet (except you of course)

After Vader deals with him, You're placed under the command of Admiral Zaarin, who comes up with the designs for the TIE Advanced/Avenger, a mass production model of Vader's TIE with sheild, hyperdrive, everything. Then he defects too, and you're placed under (then) Vice-Admrial Thrawn.

Zaarin does a few crazy things, like defecting his fleet, and putting sheilds on older TIE models. Yes, sheilds, on a TIE fighter. Scary. Before he left he also designed the TIE Defender and Missile boat (or was the missile boat Thrawn?)
So he's threatening to sell those demons (T/D's) to the rebels.

Eventaully, Thrawn's a Grand Admiral and helps develop a cloaking device that was placed on a Correlian Corvette. The drawback is that it can't be used in hyperspace without Dire results as Zaarin discovered after he stole the prototype cloaking ship.

Thats the gist of it, not including the many times the rebels do stupid things that put you on suicide missions, space pirate chases that enrage you after the first 17 tries, and that one where everybody up and leaves halfway through a mission leaving just you against a squadron of very TICKED OFF Defenders and Avengers, the dealiest fighters in the Iperial Fleet.

All in all, good game for it's time, told alot more about Star Wars than the movies and some of the books could ever hope to.
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