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Default Re: Need a rescue team? Applications here!

Originally Posted by Kylee the Larvitar View Post
Basically, I'm sick and tired of seeing seperate thread for rescue teams, and then the teams getting no jobs.

So I thought, why not just have one thread for the whole lot? If anybody needs a rescue, they can choose anybody online, and PM them with the job. It'd give the team experience, and save space.

So fill out this form if you're up for rescue!



Rescue points:

No. of rescues:

Accepting these ranked missions: (A, B or below, etc.)

Hopefully, this will work fine, and everybody wins!
Team: Shining/ Rank: Plantnum/ Rescue points: 3510/ No. of Rescues: don't know Team a Latias Lv.29, Latios Lv.31, and a Swampert Lv.58
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