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Default Re: The Machine of Lifelessness

The Macine of Liflessness
Chapter Five: A New Traveling Buddy

By Leman000

“Wow!!” I yelled out in surprise, “My Spinirak was stolen by a cloaked man riding a Sharpedo, also! Weird!”

“Your Spinirak, too?” sniffed Tongo, “Beedrill was my first Pokemon. I had him since he was little Weedle.”

“I came here to find him. I’m guessing he is already gone,” I replied.

“Yes, he left last week. Sorry,” said Tongo.

“Okay then. I should be off. Thank You for your hospitality Tongo,” I said.

I turned to leave, and walked out the door and down the ladder into the jungle. I took a path going left, away from the house, and hopefully towards the sea. Tongo watched me disappear into the jungle. Tongo’s house was surprisingly close to the shore. I gazed across the cool ocean, and saw the mainland. It was a brown and green line that had been put up against the horizon. I could see the dim greenish outline of trees, and a small boat heading off away from the land. I pulled out my pokeball, pressed the button, and Kingdra landed in the water. I quickly leapt on to him, and we were about to leave when I heard somebody, in the forest, yell something. It was Tongo obviously; nobody else lived on the island.

Sure enough two seconds later Tongo came running out of the forest yelling, “Leman! Wait for me, man!”

He stopped a couple of feet away from me, ad Swellow landed on his shoulder.

“I would like to come with you,” he panted, “I must stop sulking and find Beedrill. That man will keep them in one spot, the same place. Spinirak and Beedrill will be together.”

I thought about this for a bit and then said, ”Sure, but I’m getting bored with all of this running around, and chasing. First lets have a quick battle.”

“Of course, my friend, but it must be quick,” replied Tongo, “Good luck, Swellow.”

Swellow flew off of Tongo’s shoulder and landed down and his feet. I pulled out a Pokeball, and threw it into the air. Squirtle fell onto the sand with a soft thud. Swellow cried out and flew towards his attacker.

“Squirtle, dodge and use Ice Beam,” I said.

Squirtle moved over to the left as Swellow passed by. It turned around and flew straight at Squirtle. Squirtle fired out a beam of freezing air. This match looked like it was almost done, as the attack flew to wards its target.

“Swellow, use the Steel Wing attack,” yelled Tongo.

Swellow’s outstretched wings started to glow as it flew, skimming the ground with its feet. The beam hits Swellow’s glowing wings. Instead of knocking her backwards, the beam was deflected and hit Squirtle in the face, followed by the rock hard wing. Squirtle tumbled backwards. The waves were inches away, and Kingdra watched Squirtle from the water. Squirtle got up slowly. It moved as though every breath caused pain. I really wished I had brought Potions.

“Use the Aerial Ace attack Swellow!” called Tongo.

Swellow flew up to Squirtle, blindingly fast. Her wing slashed against Squirtle’s face and he flew into the air. He landed, facedown in the shallow waters of the ocean; waves washed up over him. Kingdra swam over to help him, while Swellow flew above them, watching the scene from the sky.

Suddenly, Squirtle started to glow. Kingdra swam backwards a bit out of surprise. His body wiggled and squirmed. I could see distinctly new tails and ears forming. After thirty seconds the bright light started to die down.

Instead of Squirtle appearing, there was a Wartortle. This turtle was larger and its skin was a darker blue. It had ears and three long white tails. Wartortle swam upright and faced Swellow.

“Surf, Wartortle!” I said gleefully.

“Swellow use Steel Wing,” said Tongo.

Wartortle drew the water into a wave underneath him. The massive wave raced towards Swellow. Swellow rocketed upward, dodging the wave and coming in behind Wartortle. It picked up speed and its wings started to glow. Wartortle and the ducked under Swellow rose up behind her. The wave crashed on top of the bird thrusting it under water. Seconds later Swellow resurfaced, floating on the surface unconscious. Wartortle leapt out of the water and landed next to me. I congratulated him and Wartortle sat down. It was exhausted, so I sucked it back into the Pokeball.

Tongo whistled and, for a few seconds, nothing happened. Suddenly, something large and blue flew out of the water underneath Swellow. It sprayed water everywhere, soaking Tongo, Kingdra, and me. The monstrous Pokemon turned out to be Tongo’s Gyarados and Swellow was resting unconscious on his head. He lowered his head, and Tongo took Swellow off of his head. Tongo muttered something and grabbed a heap of leaves and fed them to Swellow. Swellow stirred and woke up. Soon she was awake, but tired, and she sat on Tongo’s shoulder. I didn’t think that Tongo had Pokeballs.

“Great battling, man!” said Tongo, “Now that makes me feel a lot better, and I am eager to find Beedrill. Hop onto Gyarados so we can go.”

Gyarados lowered its head so I could get on. I did.

“Kingdra can swim next to us, right?” I asked.

“Of course, my friend. Why not?” replied Tongo.

“In that case,” I said, “What are we waiting for? Lets get this show on the road!”

Tongo smiled and climbed aboard, with Swellow was on his shoulder. Gyarados bellowed and we were on our way.

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