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Default AIM Step By Step Tutorial

Some people are having problems with getting AIM to work, so I've put this tutorial together to help them out.

Sorry if we dont need it, but I'm sure it has to help some people who dont know how to get it to work.

Step one: Go to and go to "Get A Screen Name."

Step 2: Continue Your Journey.

Step 3: Fill out the following boxes.

(Dont worry about putting real information, they only ask for it to help you with weather, movie times, ect.)


Step 5: Save it somewhere, or else.

(Sorry if my browser is different than yours, but it should look kind of similar.)

Step 6: Look for the icon

Step 7: This should pop up:

Step 8: Dont click these. :P Continue.

Step 9: Agree!

Step 10: This should pop up.

Step 11: Grats, now LAUNCH

Step 12: Type in your account info

Step 13: Yeaaaaaaaaa I'm logged on! ^_______^

Step 14: I NEEDZ THE BUDDIES TO BATTLE! So add them. :)

Step 15: Add your desired friend's info.

Step 16: Double click their name, and start the battles! or chat, :P

This is the current version of AIM, but the older ones should be pretty similar.

Congrats, you have AIM, NOW BATTLE!

If you have questions; ask?

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