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Default Re: Anime/Manga Review

Manga: Legend of Mana
Read: 3 Volumes
ESRP rating: Teen (13+)
Genre: Action Adventure

Based on the games Secret of Mana and Sword of Mana (ooo!).

Quality of the drawings

For some reason, I just feel like half the drawings look...weird. The other half looks...okay.



It's about the adventures of Toto! The payment he needs are models and autographed photos (what cheap payments!)! O, let's throw in some random stuff about these other characters while you're at it.



Aside from the incredible stupidity that practically everyone has, it's alright. Really, I haven't seen much other than Toto helping the bad guy or idolizing the bad guy just to be told that he's helping the bad guy and he needs to defeat him/her/it. And the characters are all still relatively cool too.



It's based on a video game. Or rather a video game is based off it...I'm not sure. Either way, there will be familar characters in the manga. Like lil' Cactus makes a comback...and rabbie is there...and Niccolo...and Annie for that matter (she's only in a omake???)...and probably more subtle references that I missed.



Aside from Toto's stupid and amusing behaviour (nose bleeding while taking a doll's clothes off? wtf is he smoking?), you gotta love the guys who hold the powerful sword of mana...well Toto does...or his supermarket short swords. The rabbie humour got to me.


37/50 or 7.4

How did this manga get such a low score? Seriously, I didn't like the drawing that much. And I haven't seen the heroine even this far into the manga. It's like...sad. But you'll get the kick out of the manga if you've played the games.

- Kenny C. has beaten Sword of Mana, yes.
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