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Default Re: The Machine of Lifelessness

The Machine of Lifelessness
Chapter Eight: A Suprising Discovery

By Leman000

With this knowledge, we slowly boarded the train when it was time to. The inside was as modern as the outside, and full of light. The walls were painted a cool blue color, and the seats were arranged in small rooms. Tongo and I sat down in one of these rooms. There were enough seats for four more people. They were fairly comfortable, and were lines with a blue fabric.

Soon the girl from Route One came in, followed by the guy from the beach and another person. He looked oddly familiar, and had six round Pokeballs on his belt. He was taller than the other two, but shorter than Tongo. He was wearing black pants, and a black shirt.

“Hi,” said the girl, “Mind if we sit here?”

“Sit down,” said Tongo.

“Hey, how are you?” asked the guy in black. His voice was very raspy.

“Fine,” I replied.

“Do you have any pokemon?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said, “A Kingdra, a Spinirak, a Wartortle, and an Eevee.”

He seemed to be intrigued with the Eevee.

“What are you going to evolve it into?” he said.

“Joltoen,” I said.

“That’s nice,” he said.

He reached into his pocket and took something out. It was bright and yellow, with a golden lightning bolt on it. He handed it to me.

“Take this as a ‘Thank You’ for leading me to the person who took my Dratini,” he explained.

Darn, I thought, Anyunkoko already has enough Pokemon to start his “Dark Magic”. Tongo must have thought the same thing, because we looked at each other.

“Thanks,” I said, taking the stone. I put it in my back pocket.

We sat there without saying anything throughout the rest of the entire three-hour ride. It had started to rain, not a large storm, but a nice shower, soaking everything outside. As the train skidded to a halt, Tongo and I got up and were ready to leave. The guy in black stood up and ran in front of the door.

“You are not going anywhere!” he said. His voice had gone from raspy to deep.

The three people started to laugh evilly. The guy in black took out a Pokeball and threw it. A large Sceptile burst out of it. The giant tree gecko roared, and its eyes were bright red, with evil.

“I am Anyunkoko,” he said.

He nodded to Sceptile and it pulled it leafy arm back, and slash it across Tongo’s face. He yelled and fell to the ground. Sceptile then took aim at me and threw its body into another powerful Leaf Blade. The powerful slash hit my body, and raked across my chest I screamed and slumped to the floor. I was barely conscious when I heard Anyunkoko laugh manically. I felt him take the Thunderstone out of my back pocket, and then my consciousness slipped away and I was off to dreamland.

I awoke in a damp musty place. It was a dark, large room. It was fifty feet tall, and roughly fifty feet wide, and long. I sat up and rubbed my head and I noticed that the guy from the beach and the girl were there. Next to me Tongo was stirring also.

“Awake?” said the girl, “ Master Anyunkoko ordered us to kill you when you woke, so you couldn’t ruin his plans.”

“Where is he?! What happened to your Tailow and Zubat?” I demanded.

The girl giggled, and Tongo was fully awake now. “Those weren’t our Tailow, or Zubat. Master Anyunkoko stole them from the wild and told us to pretend that happened if we ran into you guys. He left an hour ago, to go buy something, and then he is going to go to his factory in that forest, where he gets to make Rayquaza,” she said.

“Why are you telling us this, man?” said Tongo.

“’Cause now we are going to kill you!” said the guy from the beach.

He tossed three Pokeballs in the air and the Swampert, Rhydon, and Gengar that we saw on the beach came out. The girl threw her own Pokeballs into the air and three more Pokemon came out. The first was Pidgeot, which was gigantic bird. Its razor sharp claws looked as if they could slash anything to pieces. The next was a large Pokemon called Flygon. I had read about it in a book. It was a large green dragon and had wings in the shape of diamonds. Its eyes were red and large. It had no mouth, but it breathed out a terrible blast of breath. The last was a humanoid Pokemon, Blaziken. Its feet had patterns of fire covering them and even more fire flew from its wrists.

Tongo and I threw our own Pokeballs in the air, and Swellow, Gyarados, Eevee, and Wartortle appeared next to each other.

“Gyarados Hydro Pump! Swellow Aerial Ace!” shouted Tongo.

“Eevee use Sand Attack on them!” I commanded.

Gyarados quickly lashed out a massive Hydro Pump at Blaziken. The fiery chicken fighter made a dozen illusionary copies of himself. The Hydro Pump smashed into one and it faded. They all started to run towards Gyarados; their fists were covered with electricity. Swellow flew over and tried to slash Flygon with its wing. It screeched and flew up into the ceiling and right threw it. Swellow followed, and so did Pidgeot. Eevee ran up to Rhydon and Swampert and kicked up sand into their eyes. Gengar came up from under the floor. His hand threw out waves of psychic energy at Eevee.

Then Tongo said, “Gyarados use Hyper Beam on the Blazikens! Knock Pidgeot out of the sky!”

A giant yellow ball appeared in Gyarados’s mouth. It hovered there for a moment and then he shot it out, and the Blazikens flew back to the back wall. Gyarados moved the Hyper Beam up towards the giant hole mad by Flygon. The copies of Blaziken had disappeared and there was only one, lying unconscious. The girl quickly recalled it.

Meanwhile Gyarados was still shooting the gigantic beam of energy straight to wards the ceiling. Pidgeot escaped unharmed, but the ceiling was hit hard. Gyarados had made a hole big enough for him to slide through without hitting himself. Meanwhile, Wartortle had leapt in front of Gengar. Its shell became silver and the Psychic attack bounced back off of the silver shell hitting Gengar in the face. I collapsed on the ground in a dead faint. The guy pulled out a pokeball and Gengar was sucked into it. Swampert shot out a Hydro Pump and Rhydon attacked with a Rock Slide. They also bounced right off of Wartortle’s silver shell.

Up above Swellow, Pidgeot, and Flygon were having an intense dogfight. There were barrages of Dragon Breaths, Wing Attacks, and Aerial Aces. Swellow had been hit by a couple of the attacks and was now looking tired. Pidgeot flew up next it and then slammed into it with outstretched wings. Swellow screeched and fell. Tongo yelled and took out a Pokeball. Swellow was sucked into that just before he would have hit the ground.

“Hyper Beam, Gyarados!” yelled Tongo.

“Ice beam, Wartortle and Bite Eevee,” I called.

Gyarados tied its hyper beam attack. The ball of energy formed at its mouth but then faded. Flygon swooped down to hit Gyarados with a Dragon Breath, and Gyarados quickly dodged the move. The Ice Beam from Wartortle went to Rhydon, and he ducked. The Ice Beam sailed over his head and froze a small part of the ceiling. Pidgeot swooped down and smashed into Eevee. The tiny fluff ball flew across the room. And landed with a thud. I called it back and it came into the ball. Swampert and Rhydon charged towards Wartortle.

“Gyarados, Body Slam!” yelled Tongo.

“Jump up and use Hydro Pump, Wartortle,” I said.

It was then, when I realized that these trainers were not shouting orders. It was like they were communicating with there minds. I thought that it must have been some connection, which only evil trainers had, or it might have been from the Dark Magic! Maybe the Dark Magic was true, and Anyunkoko had used a very simple spell to create this connection. That had to be true; it was the only explanation for this. If that Dark Magic spell had been cast, that meant Anyunkoko could easily conjure up a Rayquaza!

Meanwhile, the battle raged on. Wartortle leapt into the air and fired Hydro Pump on the ground at charging behemoths, and it hit them both. Rhydon and Swampert both bellowed, but, for two different reasons. Rhydon screeched and bellowed in pain, and fell to the ground, making pooled water fly into the air. Swampert’s roar sounded different. It was like a roar of power; power that was coursing through its every vein. The large Pokemon even seemed to swell up, like it was soaking in all the water. It was Poke-sponge!

Was this more Dark Magic? I thought. Maybe it is

It charged at Wartortle, and hit him head on, and Wartortle flew back, and barely managed to land on its feet, and was breathing heavily. The guy from the beach chuckled, and pulled Rhydon back into a Pokeball.

Gyarados was also having a tough time. His Body Slams were missing, and his tail made many large depressions in the floor and wall. The tail was still thrashing around, desperately trying to hit one of the two flying menaces. Flygon spewed nasty breath all over Gyarados, while Pidgeot bombarded it with a wide array of flying moves. Flygon, and Pidgeot’s agility and speed, easily overcame Gyarados sheer power, but its tough scales with stood many attacks.

“Gyarados, Thunderbolt! Then Body Slam” yelled Tongo.

“Wartortle use, … uh,“ (I was running out of attack ideas now), “Skull bash, and then Protect,” I said.

Showers of electric sparks spewed out if Gyarados’s mouth. The electricity hit Flygon, who did not feel a thing, and resumed its attack. Pidgeot dodged the move, but flew straight into the block of ice that Wartortle had created earlier. The ice shattered and sailed downward, pinning Pidgeot into the ground. The large bide struggled to get up, but the large nails of ice held strong. The girl grabbed a Pokeball and it was sucked in. Flygon, started to notice that it Dragon Breath wasn’t working, so it started to use more attacks. Flames pored over onto Gyarados, while fiery claws were slashing him. Then Flygon started to whack Gyarados with its large tail, but Gyarados’s tough scale absorbed the shock.

Wartortle lowered its head, and its shell turned silver. The monstrous Swampert lashed out at Wartortle with many powerful punches. Some were covered in icy air, some with fire, and others with electricity. They bounced off of Wartortle’s shell creating a dazzling work of fire, ice, and electricity. Swampert’s arms moved lightning fast; as soon as one punch landed the next one hit, and was just as strong as the last. Suddenly, Wartortle started to charge forward, and it head smashed into Swampert’s underbelly, sending him into the back wall. Swampert easily recovered from the blow and blasted out an amazing blast of water. Wartortle turned around, revealing, its silver shell, but the silver of the shell, started to fade, and it slowly became brown again, as the water came closer. The blast hit, and Wartortle’s protect had completely faded. It was knocked back to the back wall, and landed with a thud.

“Wartortle, use bite!” I called out to my turtle.

“Hyper Beam, Gyarados!” Tongo yelled.

Wartortle got up, and ran up to Swampert, and clamped its jaws onto Swampert’s shoulder. Swampert shook it around, desperately trying to knock it off, but Wartortle held strong. The large Swampert started to run towards the wall, and took its shoulder, and smashed it against the wall. Wartortle howled in pain; it let go of Swampert, and crashed to the floor. It groaned and got up, only to become face-to-face with Swampert’s fist. Wartortle tumbled back and hit wall. This time Wartortle did not get up, so I took out my Pokeball, and pressed a button. Wartortle was sucked back in, in a flash of red light.

Meanwhile Gyarados’s mouth had started to form a large ball of energy, and so did Flygon’s. The two unleashed their beams with mighty roars, and they collided in mid-air. There was an explosion that destroyed the entire ceiling. Flygon, Swampert and Gyarados all ducked for cover to avoid the falling debris.

Then the guy suddenly jumped on Swampert, and the girl leapt on Flygon. Swampert started to conjure up water, filling up the room.

Was this Dark Magic, also? I thought, I have never seen this before.

Tongo and I scrambled to get on Gyarados. Flygon was hovering in the sky, far away from the rapidly filling room. When we got on Gyarados, the water was shoulder depth, and we were swimming.

As soon as we got on Gyarados, Tongo yelled, “Bite!”

Gyarados started to charge, into Swampert, its fangs out stretched. Swampert then created a wave, and Gyarados charged into that, soaking us both. The water was forty feet deep now, and Swampert was riding a great twenty-foot wave, and the water was still pouring in from Swampert’s feet.

“Fire Blast!” said Tongo.

Flames erupted out of Gyarados’s mouth, forming an X and it flew into the large wave. The water instantly evaporated where the fiery X hit. The collapsed and both Swampert and the guy fell into the water, but both surfaced momentarily.

The water had stopped rising, and now filled the entire room that we were in. We realized that we were in the middle of a dense forest. Tongo and I leapt off, and the guy climbed out of the water. Flygon deposited the girl next to the guy, and resumed the battle. Suddenly an idea came to my head. I took out a Pokeball, threw it and Kingdra appeared in the new lake.

Done: 8680

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