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Default Ultima Boss' Trainer Statistics v.2

Trainer Identification Card

Name: Nick
Position: Rising Star
Means of Communication: Yet to be determined...
Battle Archives: 46 Total | 12 Victories | 34 Defeats | 0 Stalemates
Badges: Clean slate!
Currency: ---


Italicized Items / HMs / TMs are pending order confirmation

Items: ---
Hidden Machines: ---
Technical Machines: ---


Click sprites to see Pokemon information

Name: Gliscor
Gender: Male
Original Trainer: Nick
Obtained: Starter
Battle Archives: 24 Total | 6 Victories | 18 Defeats | 0 Stalemates
Notes: ---
HMs: ---
TMs: ---
BMs: Baton Pass / Counter
Shopping List: TM26 [Earthquake], TM50 [Substitute], TM64 [Protect], TM 98 [Brick Break], TM102 [Aerial Ace], TM109 [Roost], TM125 [Rock Polish], TM126 [Stone Edge], TM129 [Stealth Rock], Sand Tomb (Breeding Move)

Name: Tyranitar
Gender: Male
Original Trainer: Nick
Obtained: Purchased at Mart
Battle Archives: 22 Total | 6 Victories | 16 Defeats | 0 Stalemates
Notes: In Daycare until 13 April
HMs: ---
TMs: ---
BMs: ---
Shopping List: TM13 [Ice Beam], TM24 [Thunderbolt], TM38 [Fire Blast], TM50 [Substitute], TM59 [Hidden Power], TM64 [Protect], TM88 [Focus Punch], TM102 [Aerial Ace], HM03 [Surf], Curse (Breeding Move), Dragon Dance (Breeding Move), Pursuit (Breeding Move)


Customize all my Pokemon

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