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Default Re: The Machine of Lifelessness

The Machine of Lifelessness
Chapter Nine: The Machine of Lifelessness

By Leman

“Ice Beam!” Tongo and I called in unison.

The beams lashed out and sailed towards Flygon, who dodged it easily, and flew towards Kingdra, its claw covered with dragonic energy. It soared towards Kingdra, who braced himself for the blow. Swampert had disappeared under the water.

Then Tongo said, “Ice Beam, Gyarados!”

Gyarados threw out another freezing beam at Flygon. It missed, but Flygon was topped in its tracks. A glint appeared in Kingdra’s eye, and it took advantage of the Ice Beam, and lashed out with an Ice Beam. Flygon let out a deafening screech and crashed into the water. Kingdra started to chuckle, but then there was a huge splash, a deafening roar from Gyarados, and he was pulled under water. Kingdra stopped laughing, and dove after it.

The girl recalled Flygon, but nothing else happened for a few moments. We all stood there in suspense, waiting for the verdict of the underwater duel. Just as sudden as Gyarados fell under the water, he flew out, and landed on the side of the giant tank, knocking down a couple trees. Swampert jumped out, and started to pound Gyarados with electrified punches. Gyarados bellowed, for a moment, but then went silent. Next, Kingdra appeared and fired Ice Beams at Swampert, but they missed. Tongo pulled out a Pokeball, and sucked Gyarados back into it in flash of red light.

Swampert stopped lashing out punches. He turned to Kingdra, and tossed a hunk of mud at it. Kingdra dove under, and the mud sprayed across the surface. Kingdra resurfaced, and Swampert leapt in, driving its body into Kingdra. Kingdra recovered from the shock, and looked ready to finish.

I yelled, ”Kingdra, Hydro Pump!”

Swampert turned around to gain more speed to ram Kingdra again. Kingdra got another evil glint in his eyes, smiled menacingly, and fired a High pressured blast of water at the giant Swampert’s backside. It flew across the pool, and its face was caked with the mud it had thrown out. It slammed into the side of the wall. It bellowed, and shook its head around. He had been blinded by his own move.

Now I smiled, and yelled, “Ice Beam, Kingdra!”

Kingdra, who was laughing mockingly at the blinded behemoth, fired out long blasts of freezing air, and they hit their mark. Swampert received a brand new coat of ice. The ice pinned its arms to its side, and it roared and thrashed around. It was completely helpless; unable to do anything. Swampert roared again, and threw its head from side to side, but hit the side. A large bulge appeared on its head and it stopped roaring and thrashing.

The guy pulled out a Pokeball, and Swampert disappeared in a flash of red light. The two turned to run, cackling madly.

“Ice Beam, Kingdra!” I said, “Freeze them.”

The two beams hit their mark. The two cackling evildoers were stopped in their tracks. Tongo, who was fiddling with the Pokeballs and some herbs, got up and ran to them. I followed. When we reached them, he hand me two Pokeballs.

“Eevee, and Wartortle,” he explained, “I healed them.”

I did not know how got them away from me, but I was grateful.

“Why are you two morons still laughing?” said Tongo.

“Because, Master Anyunkoko is going to kill you now,” said the girl.

She pointed to the bushes, and an Arcanine stepped out. It growled and roared, then turned and ran. We followed, and I sucked Kingdra back into the Pokeball, with a flash of red light. Tongo let Swellow out.

“Swellow, Aerial Ace on that Arcanine,” commanded Tongo.

Swellow flew over and started to slash the large firedog. It did not seem to feel a thing, and turned sharply to the right into a dense bush. It kept running, and we came into a small clearing, with just a cabin. Smoke was coming out of the Chimney. Arcanine ran into it.

We walked inside. There was a large machine, with all sorts of doohickeys, gears, and levers. It over all looked very complicated. There were five long clear tubes, attached to smaller tubes. In the clear ones there were pokemon. One had a Tailow, another had a Mareep, and another had a Zubat.

Tailow was small bird that was colored the same way as Swellow. Right now it looked sad and timid, and was clearly wailing inside. Mareep was a yellow sheep, that kept blasting electrify at the sides of the tank. Zubat was a purple bat that lay asleep on the bottom of its container. It looked uncomfortable, and kept tossing and turning.

The smaller tubes were connected to a large container that had a Dratini inside. Dratini was long and slender, and looked just as uncomfortable as the other three. The other two containment tubes held, Spinirak and Beedrill. Beedrill was using its long slashes to try and break the sides of the containment unit, while Spinirak had given up. When the two saw us they looked overjoyed and started try even hard to open the container.

We walked up to a panel of buttons. One said release, and was bright red.

“This looks right,” I said to Tongo.

“Wait, Leman I think this might be a trap,” Tongo began, but it was too late.

I had already pressed the button. The clear valves started to release the Pokemon, as well as a large amount of steam. Tailow, Zubat, and Mareep, ran out the door, away from this wretched place. Only Dratini was still imprisoned. Spinirak and Beedrill ran up to us. Tongo scooped it up and started to hug it. I scooped up the bug and did the same.

Our few moments of joy were interrupted, by a menacing voice.

“Well done, you found the ‘Release button’ before I could come in here and destroy you,” said Anyunkoko in mock approval.

“Anyunkoko, what do you think you are doing! And what is this!” yelled Tongo.

He pointed to the machine

“This is the Machine of Lifelessness. As for what I’m doing, I’m a bad guy, you figure it out,” he replied, “I’m going to kill you!”

He clapped and Arcanine stepped out of the shadows, Sceptile leapt off of someplace higher and landed next to Arcanine. Alakazam materialized next to them.

We sent out our own Pokemon. Wartortle, Eevee, Beedrill, Spinirak, Gyarados, and Swellow all faced Anyunkoko.

“Kill them!” commanded Anyunkoko.

The terrible three roared, and charge toward us.

Done: 8680

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