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Default Re: Beware! Fake English Versions of Fire Red/Leaf Green on Ebay!

Grrrr.....EVIL POKEMON FAKEGAME MAKING LITTLE KID THIEVING DIRTY ROTTEN NO GOOD STUPID STUPID PEOPLE HATING POKEMON HATING IDIOTS!!!! Grrr...I NEED TO CALM MY NERVES...*grabs silverfrost by hands and feet* *jumpropes using silverfrost as a jumprope* *throws silverfrost in trashcan* Ahh...Now I feel better. Anywho:
1.Ebay has the security of a bag of peanuts
2.Humans Stink. I'm happy I'm a chicken.
3.Does anyone have a doughnut? I'm hungry!
4.Can I have some milk with the doughnut?
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