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Default Re: The Machine of Lifelessness

The Machine of Lifelessness
Chapter Eleven: Noxious Gas

By Leman

Just as Alakazam was ready to unleash his powerful Hyper Beam attack, Two shapes flew in from threw the door. They soared right through the wall of light and hit Alakazam in the face with out stretched wings. Alakazam fell down and let loose the Hyper Beam.
It blasted a hole in the roof and did not hurt anything.

“The wall cant block physical blows!” I exclaimed.

When the two shapes stopped racing around, I figured out who they were. It was the Zubat and the Tailow, which we rescued. They had come to help us. I scanned the room, and saw Mareep near Dratini. It unleashed a powerful Thunder Bolt, and the glass shattered. Dratini slithered out of it.

Zubat and Tailow circled back to hit Alakazam again. They struck him, and he fell.

“Grrr,” growled Anyunkoko, “You may have taken Rayquaza from my grasp, but I have more Dark Magic spells up my sleeve!”

He pulled out two Pokeball’s and both, the unconscious Sceptile, and Alakazam disappeared in red light.

“But before I go,” he said, “I will leave you with a present.”

He threw another Pokeball in the air and a large brown bird appeared. It had a long beak and piercing red eyes. Anyunkoko murmured something to it. The bird smashed its beak on a large silver valve. A purple gas escaped.

“Have fun with the noxious gas, and those wild Pokemon,” he cackled, as the gas filled up the room. ”Fearow lets get out of this place,” he said to the bird.

The bird took off and escaped through the hole made by Alakazam’s Hyper Beam.

The purplish noxious gas was slowly filling up the room, and going right through the doorways and openings.

“Wow, this is lame,” I said, “ A gas that does nothing! I’m so scared!”

“Uhh, Leman,” said Tongo.

“Yeah?” I said.

“Look,” he answered.

He pointed to the Pokemon that had helped us earlier. Their eyes were blood red, and they moving towards us slowly, and menacingly.

“Ooh, so that’s what it does. Not so lame after all.” I said, “Ariados Sludge Bomb, then Signal Beam!” I commanded Ariados.

Ariados shot out a blob of grimy sludge at the group of pokemon. They all scattered quickly, and began to attack.

Zubat and Tailow flew behind Ariados and swooped down towards him. Mareep scuttled to the side unleashed tons of electrical energy from her fleece. Dratini rolled to the side and breathed fire onto Ariados.

Ariados let out a beam of rainbow energy at Mareep’s electrical attack. The two met in midair and exploded. Both Mareep and Ariados were thrown backwards. Ariados, landed on its feet with the help of his silky web, but Mareep fell on its face. Zubat and Tailow collided with the ground, and were engulfed in flames, by Dratini’s Flamethrower. The two fliers got up slowly. They were covered in ashes. Mareep staggered to its feet also; it was covered in dirt.

“Ariados, use Psychic attack, on Zubat,” I said.

Ariados sent waves of psychic energy pulsing towards the burnt bat. Zubat did not even try to dodge the waves of energy. Its health had been completely drained by Dratini’s Flamethrower. The purplish waves of energy quickly propelled themselves to Zubat and then Zubat fell on to the floor.

An idea suddenly hit me. I remembered the Poke balls that Tongo had given me back in Pallet Town, and I had heard Anyunkoko say that these were wild Pokemon!

I reached into my pocket and grabbed a Pokeball. I threw it at the fallen Zubat. Zubat was sucked into the ball with red light, and it started to shake. Tongo went and picked it up. Then I turned my attention back to Ariados.

Tailow had recovered from the burn, and tried to strike Ariados again. Mareep was hobbling over. Dratini unleashed a powerful stream of white-hot flames. They raced towards Ariados, and covered her body singing her.

“Ariados try a Fury Swipes attack,” I yelled.

The flames stopped coming, and Ariados started to attack the little dragon. She slashed it like she had slashed Sceptile, only now the strikes were stronger. Tailow tried to hit Ariados with its wing as she swooped down towards the spider.

“Ariados, Spider Web, and then Night Shade,” I said to Ariados.

Without turning around, Ariados shot out a wad of silky white web at the baby bird. She tried to break free, but she could not. Ariados continued to slash at Dratini, as Ariados unleashed a blackish purple blob that soared to the little bird. The bird cried out when the blob hit her, but then lost consciousness. Dratini was unable to make an attack, because when ever it tried, Ariados hit him with another strike.

I tossed a Pokeball at the trapped bird, she was sucked inside, and the ball fell to the ground. Tongo went over picked this one up also.

Mareep had finally gotten over to Ariados, and Dratini. Her leg was crumpled a bit, but she still had energy. Her fleece buzzed with electricity, and she unleashed on both Ariados and Dratini. Ariados tumbled backwards, and Dratini took the hit. All three pokemon were tired.

“Come on Ariados,” I said to her you are doing great, Just one more Sludge Bomb.”

Ariados threw out the blast of sludge at the two Pokemon. They were too tired to move out of the way. They tried to, but the attack was quicker. The bomb exploded sending grimy, disgusting, acidic sludge all over Mareep and Dratini, and the explosion pushed them onto their faces.

I threw two Pokeballs at them, and they were both pulled inside with red light. Tongo picked these two Pokeballs and looked at all four.

He turned to me and said, “You have _____”

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

That is the end. I want Tongo to say, “ You have caught them. Congratulations!”

Tailow, Mareep, Zubat, Dratini = 45k-70k
Total since publication of last chapter = 53k
Total since publication of last chapter w/spaces = 65k

Done: 8680

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