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(ZOMG! I'm Updating! Is it possible? xD)

A-ron in with Evil

Mira and Ember blinked.

A pair of light blue eyes blinked back.

It didn’t take all too long for Mira to identify the little Pokemon nestled in the bottom of the hole. It was covered with a silver armor on all but it’s grey underbelly. Black dots were…dotted…on the Pokemon’s body. 4 tiny, stubby legs were sprawled out amidst the rotting leaves and mud. Mira could clearly see that it was an Aron, but that hadn’t been the reason for her shock. The real reason was the distressful situation the little guy was in. There were dents all over the armor, and in some places the armor had even melted away slightly. The underside was even worse. Bruises and burns literally covered all of the grey stomach, and to top it all off, there were three long gashes down his stomach, each caked in decayed leaves, dirt, and dried blood.

Mira did everything she could to stop herself from gagging at the disgusting sight. After a few minutes of battle, she finally calmed the bile rising in her throat. “You poor thing,” she gasped at last. “We need to get you to a Pokemon Center.” She was about to grab the trembling Aron when she heard another sound.

“What’s that?” Mira asked herself. “Ember, do you hear that?” The little fire lizard nodded gravely.

Every minute the sound grew louder. In only a minute, Mira could tell it was chanting of some sort. And in 5 minutes, she could distinguish some words. What she heard was surprising, to say the least.

“Sound off!”
“Sound off!”
“We’re the Bad-News Rockets!
We’ll storm your house by picking those lock-ets!
If there’s a Pokemon in your care,
We’ll steal it and…um…steal it…and…uh…”

The chanting broke off into bits of conversation and arguing.

“Um…what came next in dat song?” a Brooklyn-accented male voice asked.

“Wasn’t it something about pulling down underwear?” came a rather average male voice.

“Dats for ‘Olloween, you twit!” came the Brooklyn voice.

“In my opinion, you’re all twits.” The voice was unmistakably female, and carried a snappy, commanding tone to it. Somehow, the very sound of that voice sent shivers on an express trip down Mira’s nervous system.

“You’re all twits,” her voice continued, “Because you idiots let that Aron get away!”

Mira stared into the hole where Aron was letting out tiny, piteous squeaks at the sound of its master’s voice. An unmistakable feeling of dread slowly crept over her body until it had seized her entirely, both mentally and physically. Too afraid to move, she kept listening.

“You 2 morons know how much the boss would’ve loved us! Think about it! Forcing evolution on the Aron would’ve left us with a pile of a substance harder than granite for use! But you guys had to screw it up!” the woman screeched, obviously quite agitated.

“Naw. Just James. He’s da one who lost track of dat Aron,” the deep voice commented.

“ME?!” the normal voice, who Mira now knew was James, yelled. “You’re the one who just had to grab some Meow-Meowth Catnip while you were supposed to be on guard duty!”

Meow-Meowth Catnip? Huh? Mira thought, confused. Why would a human- She stopped as the realization slowly sunk into her mind.

“Hey, I can’t help it if dey make dat stuff so irresistible!” the heavily accented voice retorted. “Heh, I purr just thinkin’ about dat stuff!”

Well, Mira thought, now completely confused. That Brooklyn voice is either a Pokemon or some psychopath person. I guess we’ll find out soon enough, anyway…

“It doesn’t matter whose fault it was. We just have to spend the rest of this lovely day looking for it,” the female snapped. Mira could practically see the woman’s eyes rolling in disgust.

“But I HATE searching! Especially in this creepy forest!” James whined.

“But we don’t have to search in dis forest,” the whatever-it-was piped up.


“I said we don’t have to search,” the Brooklyn accent continued. “Because we got dis little toy here! You see, I planted a trackin’ device on dat Aron in case dis might happen. I jus’ need to find dat little thing…”

“Good job, Meowth! That was smart of you.”

Well, that answers that, Mira thought. A talking Meowth! Jeepers. I suppose this Aron here will start rambling about the weather, too. But even through all her joking, Mira knew she was in trouble. As soon as that furball found the tracking device…

“Pokefood…Pokefood…James, how much of dis stuff do you need?!”

“At least as much catnip as you need!”

“Shut up, both of you!” the woman screeched. “Hurry up, Meowth. The sooner we can find that little brat, the sooner I can implement some serious correction.”

The crack of a whip echoed through the forest. A few Pidgeys took flight, scared to death by the sudden noise. That one sickening crack told Mira everything about the little creature huddled in the hole, where Aron was shaking tremendously from the noise. It’s life…and the wounds it had inflicted. Mira’s gaze settled on the gashes in the little Pokemon’s stomach, and an unspeakable rage settled upon her slowly until every artery in her body was pumping with rage and delivering it to every cell, until every inch of her body was bathed in anger and adrenaline.

Suddenly remembering Ember, she turned her gaze towards the Charmander and was quite surprised by his reaction to all this.

Ember was literally quaking with fury. His eyes were lowered to the ground, but Mira could see a fire she’d never seen before in anyone. And as Ember’s fire grew, so did Mira’s. It was time.

“Hurry up and find it, Meowth!”

“I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’! James jammed too much stuff in dis bag!”

“James, you’re a twit.”

“I wish you wouldn’t call me that, now that we’re married and all that…”

“I found it! I found-“

“Hey, Bad-Luck Losers!” Mira’s taunting voice interrupted Meowth’s victory speech. “I found your Pokemon! You want it? Well, come get it!”

Mira could hear them all gasp, then the sound of twigs snapping as they ran toward the sound of her voice. She had 10 seconds, at the most. But she remained calm as she bent down toward the hole where Aron was still whimpering. “You’ll be safer with me,” Mira whispered as she reached in to grab Aron.


The mere touch of her fingers caused Aron to shudder. It was just like the touch of Master’s hands when she lifted him up and screamed at him. And that was followed by beatings. What seemed like countless hours of torture, begging, and mercilessness. But her eyes…they were nothing like Master’s eyes, full of anger and hate. These eyes had compassion and caring, and…fear? But was that enough to put his trust, his life in her hands? The hands of this girl, this stranger?

He could feel the choice slowly being taken away from him. He had been struggling just to stay awake for the last hour, and now this confusion…

“Where’d the voice come from again?”

Someone was talking. But Aron didn’t care. He was so far, so far away…

“This baby will show us where dat brat is!”

Aron felt a vague tingling sensation along his back. But he was too far away to care. But it grew into something more, more painful.

“Aron? Ar…AROOON!”

The tingling sensation exploded into a giant, rhythmic beating pain. Wave after wave of torture rolled over his body like tsunamis over an ocean from hell. His consciousness went out like a light with one final scream of terror.


Mira almost screamed along with Aron in pure shock. But she forced herself to grab the screaming Aron. She, too, felt a shock, but only for a second as Aron passed out. She carefully tucked Aron under her arm and turned around just as a Meowth entered the area.

“Told you guys dat it would work!” the Meowth said happily.

Mira felt angrier than she ever had in her life. "You want this guy?" Mira growled. "You want to battle? I'll tell you what. I'll give you a war..."
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