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Default Inferno Island

The Stones of Power
Part One:

Inferno Island Part 1
Chapter One: Blaine's Request

By Leman

This story is using the same characters as my other two. Yes, my Zubat is a Crobat, my Mareep is a Flaffy, Wartortle is a Blastoise, Tailow is a Swellow, and my Vibrava is a Flygon now. The bolded an Italics is a flashback

About a month after I had successfully caught all four of the Pokemon that had been enslaved by Anyunkoko, I had finally returned home. In a museum, Tongo and I found a Pokemon salesman, and we each bought ourselves a new Pokemon. I had received a powerful, mischievous Vibrava, who spent his time trying to get the most food and attention. In battle, however, he was as lazy as a Slaking. He only fought if he lost a bite to eat. No wonder that man had sold him.

Tongo bought an extremely timid Venonat. It was a purple, furry, bug, with gigantic, red eyes. He, like Vibrava, would not battle. When outside of his Pokeball, Venonat cowered behind Tongo’s legs and was frightened by everything. Its purple fur was standing on end, all the time. Tongo thought he was quite funny.

I had spent time with Professor Oak, and had a quick battle with the gym leader of Pewter City, and earned a badge. Dratini managed pull out a win, with its powerful dragon attacks, and evolved. I had also received a Thunderstone from a nice miner, and Tongo received a Spirit Stone. The Thunderstone was translucent, and yellow with steak of lightning going down the middle. The Spirit Stone, however, to me, looked like an ordinary rock. Since then, Tongo had returned to his island, to find Exeggutor completely unharmed.

I had been back at Cinnabar nearly an hour, now and was now in my apartment, lying on my soft bead, with six Pokeballs still on my belt. I was glad to be home.

After about an hour of doing nothing, I sat up and scanned the room. I saw that three small, red and white balls lying on the table.

That’s funny, I thought, I didn’t put any Pokeballs on the table. I wonder how they got there.

Then I remembered something Professor Oak had said:

All the Pokemon here belong to Trainers, who sent them over, after they got six. I wonder which pokemon you will send over to me

Professor Oak must have brought them here for me. I had told him that it would be better if my Pokemon just teleported to my house. I made a mental note to thank him.

I picked them up, and let the pokemon that were in them, out. There was a great flash of brilliant white light, and three Pokemon stood in front of me.

One was my Eevee, who was bursting with energy. She immediately started to run around the room aimlessly; running into walls, every now and again. One of the other two was Mareep, the yellow, electrical sheep. She did not look like much, but in here fleece she stored many volts of powerful electricity, that she could unleash at any moment. Now she was watching Eevee race around the room at top speed. The third was Tailow. The tiny little bird was chirping hungrily, so I tossed her a small blue Pokeblock. She stopped chirping and ate it.

I grabbed Eevee, before she could cause any more damage to the house, and pulled the Thunderstone out of my pocket, and set them both on the bed. Eevee looked intrigued by the stone, and came close to it. She sniffed and put her foot on it. Instantly, she glowed, grew, and changed. She became spiky and doubled in size. When the light faded, a Jolteon was standing where Eevee had been.

Jolteon was taller, yellow, and her hairs were spiky. Mareep and Tailow gazed in awe at Jolteon. I smiled and hugged her. Luckily she did not shock me.

At that moment the phone rang. I put Jolteon down, and walked across the room. I picked up the receiver and a familiar voice came through from the other end.

It said, “Leman, is that you?”

“Yes,” I said, unsure of who was on the other end.

“This is Eizen,“ he said, “Blaine wants you to come down to the gym right now. Someone called ‘Tongo’ is here. Blaine says he needs to speak with you two.”

He hung up.

“That was weird,” I said to my Pokemon, “Eizen never calls me. Come on, Jolteon.”

I took out two Pokeballs, and both, Mareep and Tailow, disappeared inside them, accompanied by some red light. I dropped both of them on the table, as well as two others. Those contained Zubat and Ariados.

I walked out of my apartment and across the street. The gym was four blocks away, so I would be there in no time. I was wondering about why Blaine had called me over there, and why he needed Tongo.

Maybe it was for a gym battle! I thought, Or, maybe more Dark Magic had sprung up.

Dark Magic was a set of ancient spells used to revive ancient Pokemon by draining some energy sources, usually Pokemon. Anyunkoko believed in this magic, but Tongo and I were skeptical.

Jolteon had been hoping beside me. She was enjoying the walk, easily keeping up with me. She looked proud, and showed of her new powers by letting a jolt or two of electrical energy away from her body.

I had reached the gym, in no less than five minutes. Old Eizen and Tongo were waiting outside for me.

“Hello, Leman,” said Tongo.

His Swellow was perched on his shoulder. He smiled, and we hi-fived. Eizen ushered us into the gym.

The gym was situated inside of a volcano. It was inactive now, and I hoped it stayed that way. Inside, many fiery Pokemon were battling. There were mostly Growlithe and Charmeleon. Charmeleon was a large red lizard, with fire on its tail. Its powerful claws could easily slash through the hide of an enemy Pokemon. He evolved into the powerful orange Charizard. Growlithe was a small dog, no bigger than a standard microwave oven. It was orange, and ran around quickly. Hot embers eventually shot out of their mouths, singing their opponents.

We eventually reached a room that was significantly different than the others that we had passed. The others were normal coliseum rooms. This one was the same, except it had a river of lava flowing around the outside, and it was much hotter. There were bridges leading into the arena.

Jolteon and Swellow curiously looked over the lava, pondering what it was in their own Pokemon language. Jolteon put her paw in it and burned herself. She licked her foot, and Swellow flew on to Tongo. The bird wanted to be as far away from that stuff as possible.

A bald man walked over to us and chuckled.

“Your Jolteon is a curious little Pokemon,” he said, “ I am Blaine, welcome to the Cinnabar Gym. I have called you two over, to help me out in a place called Inferno Island.”

Done: 8680

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