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Talking Re: RP announcements and feedback

I just started a new RP ^.^

--^ Forward In Time^--

-You can your friends are traveling through a dense cave,being lost int he woods one stormy and rainy night.As you proceed onward,you are engulfed in a white light near the end of the cave,and are plopped out in a cheery town called Riaro Village in the new and amazing region of Dragaria.

Some of you are turned into Pokemon,others stay the same.And some even gain the power to morph into a Pokemon.Confused,you find out from the local professor,Professor Natasha,where you are and how you got there.Then she tells you about the evil Team Ice Age,planning to destroy the world with a terrible ice storm.

You can be on a journey with your Pokemon,or travel on your own if you are one,but avoid being captured by trainers.You start your journey in Riaro,and continue through Dragaria on your quest to save the world and make Dragaria right again.-

Members So Far:Chicko,Dark Pikachu,Me

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As a girl fused with a Houndoom travels through the region,she learns about taking care of Pokemon. Soon,she hears about an evil organization planning to freeze all of the region Ona. In this situation,she is forced to work with the humans she feared and hated before to save the sacred region. Can she do it?
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