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Default Re: .:Pikablu's~Sprite~Shop:.

I put TM on I-Pods because it's an actual company, not because I made the idea. Lemme change that up a little.

Tr1cK 0r TR3aT Event

Trick or treat! State that phrase anywhere in your post for the month of October and you have a chance to get candy! Your candy can be cashed in for prizes, which vary from simply free sprites to a few days in which you can work here to tutorials and tutoring from myself! Keep in mind that you won't ALWAYS get candy, the color you get is random, and you must say Trick or treat! in your post to be ellible. The rewards are as follows.

Red = You get a random sprite.
Orange = A rule-free request of your choice. PM request to me. Is put at top of priority list.
Yellow = An sprite that is made however you want it, no matter if I could normally do it or not. PM request to me.
Green = Choice 1. Be tutored in one subject by me. Choice 2. A free tutorial by me. 3. A rule free image in my shop in the graphics boards.
Blue = Choice 1. Get to work in my shop for three days. Choice 2. As much tutoring and tutorials as you want from me. (lasts three days) Choice 3. Same as yellow, but as many as you want for a whole day! (still use PM to do so)
Purple = Choice 1. Get to work in my shop for a whole week. Choice 2. As many custom sprites as you want from me for three days. Choice 3. Tutoring. Lots and lots of tutoring.

Quick rules before you go:
1. Rule-free does not mean you can illegaly use that image.
2. If you choose to work in my shop, I must have examples. If you aren't good enough, you'll have to choose something else.
3. I only tutor in subjects I can do. No, I won't tutor you on how to make gigantic scratches or a pixle-ized Mona Lisa(though that would be pretty cool).
4. If you don't want to use your candy, you can display it as a trophy, ignore it, or use multiple lower-level candies.

Good luck on your adventure!

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