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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

* Join date: November 2nd, 2004
* Birthdate: February 16th, 1993
* Name: Kenneth Wingfield
* Alias: Ken, Kenny
* Sex: Male
* Race: Asian-Mexican
* Ethnicity: 50% Asian, 45% Mexican, 5% American
* Birthplace: Sunnyvale, California
* Location: Stockton, California
* Height: 5"2
* Weight: 80 lbs
* Shoe Size: 8 in Mens
* Eye Color: Dark Brown
* Hair Color: Dark Brown
* Piercings: None yet
* Tattoos: None yet
* Dating Status: Single
* Family: Parents, little sister [Valerie], little brother [Jason], and a lot of cousins/relatives.
* Pets: Scamp (Dog)
* Grade: 8
* Occupation: Student
* Favorite Colors: Red, Green, Silver, Purple, Pink
* Favorite Movies: I don't really have a favorite movie :P
* Favorite TV Series: Bleach/Inuyasha/Naruto
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: System of a Down
* Favorite Video Games: Legend of Zelda series(Twilight Princess!!), Pokemon series, Ratchet & Clank series, Devil May Cry series, Naruto Clash of Ninja series, & Super Smash Bros. Series
* Favorite Character: Caterpie [Pokemon], Chi[Chobits], Sango[InuYasha], Miroku[InuYasha], Neji Hyuuga[Naruto], Link[Legend of Zelda], Sasuke Uchiha[Naruto], All Bleach Characters
* Favorite Book: Inuyasha books
* Favorite Food: I have no idea. I'll eat nearly anything.
* Where you've traveled: Texas, New York, Georgia, Louisiana, Arizona, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Utah, and Pennsylvania
* Hobbies and Keywords: Anime, Manga, Video Games, Basketball, and Spriting
* Picture (Photo): I don't have one...
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