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Default Thousand (1-shot fiction)


The night began to sink its deafening claws into the mountains yet again, just like two years and two hundred and eighty seven days ago. Ever since that day he could not care to continue his studies. He was, in essence, paralyzed in a stasis that he could not shake. The only thing he could do was to write his words over and over again, past every single day, hoping for a better time. A time long lost that would never return to him.

He lived near the base of the serene mountains. Interestingly enough, those who wished to study and gain more knowledge lived on the mountains. He wondered if the thinner air would help their pursuit for knowledge, or whether or not that was just a physical barrier to stop outsiders from going in. What was ironic, however, was the fact that an easily accessible library was on the same cluster of mountains at the border. It went against everything their philosophy would be, if that were true. Or it could have been a front for something more sinister. He was probably reading too deep into that, though.

His name was Hollance, half of a noble. He was a product of a noble and his young servant (which was allowed back then, the one with the power could essentially do anything he wanted). The good thing was that he was still considered somewhat of a noble, but he would continue to be the “bastard” only child. It didn't matter to him many years ago, when he stepped out of the house to pursue his studies. He wanted desperately to get himself out of that house anyway.

He went here, the mountains. More specifically so, the cluster of mountains known as Vestura, which laid on the border between the two countries Dakoius and Harminia. He lived on Dakoius's side of the border, and consequently enrolled himself into the academy for the rich, in which his father paid full price for. Well, it might not have been full price, but he didn't have a clue, nor would he even bother to dig that deep into the darkness of his entire corrupt country.

He would visit the library often during his study breaks. The thing was that the breaks literally made themselves too long most of the time. In between his courses in philosophy and literature, there would often be five and six hour gaps. What to do as a young male in pursuit of knowledge? The library was the answer. He studied light magic for the most part while inside this library. Partially this was out of spite, other times it was because it was so completely different from the material he was exposed to. He at one point did not know which to believe, either.

His meeting with her was during this time. A miracle, as they would call it. She was young and rather beautiful woman approximately his age. They met while he was looking at light magic that lightens mood and just happened to pick the same book, “The Art of Light Atmosphere, second edition”, at the same time. She was beautiful in a sense that she lacked had the composure of a refined woman, but it turned out that she was from Harminia. They had hit it off from that point on. They dated, so to speak.

The times during the four years were arguably the best times of his life. They nearly did everything they could possibly do together. It was paradise, and nothing in the world would he trade for a life as simple as waking up in the morning next to the woman he loved. His heart would race every time he had anticipated to see her. Sometimes even before his anticipation. He read about this insanity, this crazy insatiable hunger for the other person, in books, but he never thought that this was how it felt like, nor how wonderful this feeling really was. The word “paradise” was to describe this time.

But like all things good, it had to end. His father opposed his proposal for marriage. At first his father only thought that he was using her, but as time went on, his disapproval went up. The decline for marriage was obvious. That would not stop the two lovers. Facing pressures from both families to separate, their flames of passion burned even greater than before, and they began eloping from those worlds for a chance at a simple life outside. This obviously wasn't possible from his father's end, and certainly as things had stood, she wasn't really inclined to leave her family even though she had thought of it.

All things had to come to an end. The second day of the third month of their rebellion, “Hollance... I'm leaving you,” were the final words that she told him as she left the door. Those were indeed, the only words that resonated in his mind. It was from that point on he went to his static life knowing no joy, only pain. Eventually he took over the family's work, engorging himself with the finest of women, power, and everything else that came with power. But he wrote letters to her every day of the year. He had hoped that while the letters were not mailed to her, that she would receive them anyway. He had hoped, a faint and lonely hope that his words, his feelings, and everything he had held from within would reach her.

The sun already was on the rise as he had awakened from his slumber. His letter, however, was finished. He left his letter in the same drawer as all the other ones he wrote the two years before. His trip today was slightly different, as he had to drop by the border to deal with some territorial issues. It was then that he saw her. Time came rushing back into a life locked in stasis.

One thousand words. One thousand feelings. One embrace.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. :3

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