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Default Re: Inferno Island

Inferno Island Part 1
Chapter 2: Inferno Island

By Leman

“What is Inferno Island?” asked Tongo.

“It is an island, that is inhabited by only fire Pokemon. You wont see any Swellow, or Jolteon, there. There is a large volcanic crater in the center, which continually spews out red-hot lava, which steadily flows into the water. On the other side of the island, there is a small town that is a little bit like Cinnabar. The towns people, seek my help, but I cannot help them,” replied Blaine.

“Where do we come in?” I asked.

“I will show you,” said Blaine.

The docks were on the other side of Cinnabar. There was a yellow speedboat waiting for us in the water. It was floating there, bobbing up and down in the cool crisp water. Inside, the boa was sort of cramped. Blaine sat in the captain’s chair, and we sat in the back.

Jolteon was leaning over the side, swatting at some fish with her paw. Swellow looked over and watched her. The fish must not have gone away, because Swellow jumped up swiftly, and pelted down on top of it with a splash. She came up with a small and ugly looking fish. It was large and brown, with blue fins. She dropped it down on Tongo’s lap and he laughed.

“A fishy? For me? Thank you,” he said.

The fish flopped around pointlessly. Swellow looked quite pleased with herself. Jolteon leapt onto my lap.

Blaine turned around; his baldhead glistened in the sunlight. He saw the brown fish flopping in Tongo’s lap.

“Ahhh, Feebas. It’s sort of like Gyarados, if you think about it. It is a pretty poor Pokemon at first glance, and second glance but eventually becomes a powerful Milotic,” he said.

“Milotic is a powerful Pokemon to have,” said Tongo.

He pulled out a Pokeball and Feebas disappeared inside of it, with a flash of red light. Swellow took the place of the flopping fish.

Blaine suddenly pulled a lever towards him, and the engine of the boat sprang to life, and it jumped. Water spewed up from behind the boat and we flew of into the ocean at high speeds.

The trip was far from peaceful. The engine was roaring throughout the entire ride, and both Swellow and Jolteon were screeching, because of the loud noise. Blaine, on the other hand seemed to be enjoying the constant blast of noise from the engine, as though it was music.

The island took a good fifteen minutes to reach. As soon as we got there, both Tongo and I realized why it had received the name ”Inferno Island”, though not at first glance.

It was exactly as Blaine described. There was a large grassy field, covered with Ninetales and Rapidash grazing. There were Flareon and Quilava resting around the other Pokemon. On the horizon there was a great volcano, spewing out molten lava that slowly drifted down the sides of the mountain, spewing into a crater off to the side. We walked along, and up a slope, and found several pools of burning lava. The heat was radiating off of the pools, on to our faces. Blaine seemed to be enjoying this. Several Marcargo and Camerupt were enjoying the heat.

Blaine whistled loudly, and waited, as if something was supposed to happen. Something did. There was a large bang, a roar, and red-hot lava flew into the air from one of the lava pools, covering the fire Pokemon that surrounded it. They thoroughly enjoyed being drenched and cheered loudly. Jolteon darted behind my legs, and glanced at its paw, that had been burnt back at the gym.

A red humanoid Pokemon stood on the ground. It was a good six feet tall, and had fiery patterns covering its feet. Instead of hands, it had three fingered claws, which resembled a bird’s foot. The front part of its red face jutted outward and reminded me of a beak. This Pokemon looked strangely familiar; I had seen it somewhere before, but I could not remember where.

“Hullo, Blaziken,” said the Gym Leader, ”This is Leman, and this is Tongo.” He pointed to us.

Blaziken! I thought, I remember now. One of Anyunkoko’s goons had one of these guys.

The six of us continued on, into a small village. It looked like a regular village, with shops, stalls, homes, and hospitals. There was nobody out side though, just one lone Flareon. That was all we saw through the entire trek through the village. It had his head up, and ears up; listening for something.

Blaine led us through the village, and we stopped at a small one-story house. Throughout the entire walk Blaziken looked shifty, and was constantly on the lookout. Jolteon must have sensed something also. Instead of being playful and curious, she looked frightened and alert. Her ears and spikes stood straight up. Swellow kept flying up, circling in the air, and coming back down on Tongo’s shoulder. Something was wrong here.

We walked up, and knocked on the door. An elderly man answered the door, and ushered us inside. Though the houses looked completely modern from the outside, no electricity was used. Only fire power.

The elderly man greeted us, “Blaine," he said once the door was closed,"How good of you to come. And you brought help. Good. Good.” He spoke in whispers, as though he did not want someone to hear him. A Quilava circled around his feet.

“Hello Enialb. This is Leman and Tongo. I need to explain to them what is going on,” said Blaine.

“Please do,” said Enialb, “And please have a seat.”

“Thank you,” said Blaine as we sat down. “Do you too remember Anyunkoko?”

“Of course we do,” said Tongo quickly.

“Well, he is here,” said Blaine.

I gasped

“I don’t know why, or what he has planned, but he is here. He has done something to the local Houndour and Growlithe. He has turned them evil!”

I gasped again. We heard a quick pitter-patter coming from the back of the house, and Enialb went to investigate. He hobbled slowly, and Quilava followed. The noise steadily grew louder as Blaine continues to explain what was happening.

“They have made regular attacks on the town. The Pokemon can sense their presence. That is why they are all so alert. The pack is lead by a particularly ferocious Houndour and a fierce Arcanine. I think that belongs to Anyunkoko, himself. He rides on it. The Charmeleon are also becoming more hostile. I need you two to help deal with this,” explained Blaine.

The old man and his Quilava returned. Flames had appeared on it's back. It roared and ran outside. There was a look of pure terror on his face.

He slowly whispered, ”They are here!”

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