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Default Re: Inferno Island

Inferno Island Part 1
Chapter 3: Dogfight

By Leman

The noise became louder and started to sound like feet, feet that were racing towards us. The Flareon we had seen earlier and Enialb’s Quilava were standing outside, ready to face whatever was racing towards us.

We ran out side and saw what was making that noise. I was horde of Growlithe and Houndour, ready to devour all of us. Then, suddenly, they stopped at the edge of the town.

The Houndour had black bodies, lined with skull and bones that were sticking out. Its mouth and feet were blood red. Its white fangs were razor sharp, and so were their claws, that were sticking out of their feet. Its stubby little tail was perked up and their ears were laid back.

The Growlithe, on the other hand were larger, and orange and black in color. The black was painted across their back in stripes, over the rest of its body.

All one hundred of them were snarling menacingly.

Blaziken’s wrists started to spew out fire. Jolteon’s spiked let loose deadly volts of electricity into the air. Swellow flew up in the air and circled above us. Tongo let Gyarados out of the Pokeball, and the giant blue water snake materialized next to the other Pokemon. It roared ferociously. I followed suite by releasing my blue Wartortle, who appeared by Jolteon.

A Houndour was standing on a small rock that was jutting out from the ground. It stared at our Pokemon and us. Then, he threw his head back and howled. The orange Growlithe and the black Houndour charged at us.

The battle started quickly. By the time I blinked, all of the Pokemon were upon us. Blaziken was using his fiery feet and bird-like claws to punch and kick away all of the Houndour. He sent them sailing. Whenever one of these dog-like Pokemon was hit, the turned and ran into the distance.

Blaziken was doing well, until and Arcanine appeared. It threw its weight onto the fighting Pokemon, and smashed it to the ground, clawing at its face. Blaziken threw it off with a swift kick into Arcanine’s stomach. The fighting Pokemon got up, only to be hit from behind by a large beak.

Blaziken fell to the ground, and was quickly trampled by a pack of Houndour who had overpowered the Flareon and were racing towards Jolteon. Blaine drew Blaziken back into a Pokeball.

“Hahaha!” said the bird who hit Blaziken, ”So, Leman. We meet again.”

I looked up and saw the bird. It was a large Fearow soaring above the battle. Riding on top it was Anyunkoko.

Fearow was large and brown, with a gigantic beak. It had huge wingspan; at least seven feet long. It soared above us all effortlessly, and eventually swooping down, attack a Pokemon bellow.

Anyunkoko was wearing a long black coat. All that could be seen of him were his long bony fingers.

They soared down again and smashed into Gyarados. The gigantic water behemoth roared as the large beak sank into his tough scales. Blood squirted out, and Tongo yelled in surprise. He quickly grabbed a Pokeball and Gyarados was sucked up back into it.

On the other side of the field, and group of Growlithe left a bloody Quilava lying in the dirt. Enialb ran over and picked up the wounded Pokemon. The Houndour who had howled growled at him. Enialb started to run and he chased.

Swellow saw Enialb fleeing from the Houndour. She dived at the ferocious dog, and Fearow stopped right in front of her. The giant bird jabbed its beak at Swellow, who desperately tried to dodge the hit, by flying around, and around in circles.

“Jolteon, Thunder!” I yelled.

Yellow electrical energy soar into the sky as fast as lightning, and struck the giant bird Pokemon and Anyunkoko. They hung there, with yellow electrical energy coursing through their bodies.

As the electricity faded, Fearow fell to the ground kicking up dust. Anyunkoko got up bruised and battered. Fearow disappeared in a flash of red light and he whistled. Arcanine ran up to him and he leapt on, and then the firedog raced off into the distance.

Anyunkoko yelled, “This accomplishes nothing, Leman. Nothing!”

Jolteon returned to the battle, fending off Houndour and Growlithe with powerful volts of electricity, and Swellow raced toward the Houndour that was chasing Enialb.

Enialb had barricaded himself inside of his house. Houndour was smashing on the door with its claws, when Swellow crashed into its back. Houndour was thrust into the ground; while Swellow turned around, ready to strike again. Houndour recovered quickly, and, as if he had not been hit, leapt up and let loose a powerful stream of fire. The fire covered Swellow’s body, burning her delicate feathers, and turning her beak black. Tongo, who could not bear to see Swellow incinerated, recalled her back into the Pokeball.

Meanwhile, Jolteon’s attacks were failing four jaws had clamped around her body. She howled in pain. I glance over to my left and saw Wartortle. He was easily keeping the fire Pokemon at bay with his constant jets of water.

On the right of me, Jolteon collapsed and more Houndour charged over towards Wartortle. One Houndour was still banging on Enialb’s door. Wartortle would be taken down any minute.

“ Tongo, help me out here!” I said desperately.

“Sure,” he said, “Go Venonat!”

The purple bug bounced out of the Pokeball. Its large red eyes scanned its surroundings. As soon as it spotted its shadow, it screamed and hid behind Tongo’s legs. He recalled it and I sighed. Then I had an idea.

I yelled, “Wartortle, Hydro Pump!”

Wartortle pulled its arms, head, legs, and tail into its shell, and jumped up into the air, spinning around, and around. It started to blast out water from every one of the holes on its shell. The water flew out and drenched all of the Houndours and Growlithe in sight. They turned and ran off, with their tails in-between their legs.

Wartortle land softly, next to a wounded, unconscious Jolteon. I picked her up and recalled her into the ball. Then I turned to my turtle and hugged him.

“You did it!” I exclaimed, “Great job! Wooohooo! Blaine, your problem's solved.”

”No it isn’t,” he said, “Look over there.” He pointed to Enialb’s house.

The Houndour that attacked Enialb was standing there, snarling menacingly. It faced Wartortle, with an evil look in his eye. He charged at Wartortle, showing off all of his fangs.

“Mega Punch,” I called out to him.

Wartortle stepped back, and rammed his fist into Houndour’s face. The dog howled and clamped onto Wartortle’s arm.

Blaine whispered into my ear, "We can finish this if you listen to me. Catch it.”

“What?” I said, “I don’t want to catch that. He’s evil.”

“So, you must. If you don’t this will never finish this! Anyunkoko will carry out his plans, and that could be disastrous. He might be trying to create an Entei, Moltres, or Groudon. He could wreak havoc across all of Kanto!” said Blaine.

I understood what was going on, and knew the importance of this.

“Fine,” I said, “I’ll catch that thing.”

“Good,” he replied.

All this time Wartortle had been trying to get the Houndour off of his arm. Houndour had finally been thrust of, and then retaliated with a stream of scorching hot flames.

“Water Gun, Wartortle,” I ordered.

The flames stopped burning Wartortle, and he was not seriously injured. Houndour charged at him, and slashed at him with a couple quick swipes of his paw. Wartortle stepped back to get away from the attacks, and stepped on a rock. Wartortle fell on his back. Houndour opened his mouth to give Wartortle a fatal blast of fire, when Wartortle sent out a large stream of water straight at Houndour’s face. The evil dog was sent spiraling up into the air, and came back down with a thud in the dirt. He lay there motionless for a few seconds, and then stagered back to his feet.

Houndour looked as though he was in much pain, but he could still fight. Then he disappeared. Wartortle blinked, and spun around, trying to figure out where the fiery Pokemon had gone. Then Houndour appeared behind Wartortle, with a purple aura coming out of his body. Houndour lunged on Wartortle, throwing his shoulder into his shell. Wartortle was thrown to the floor.

Houndour circled around Wartortle, wait for the perfect moment to strike, and regaining its breath. Wartortle had rolled onto its back, and was watching the dog closely. Suddenly it stopped, opened its mouth, and searing flames poured out of its mouth. They raced toward Wartortle, and braced himself.

“Protect!” I yelled at the last second.

Wartortle rolled over, and his round, dull, brown shell, turned a bright, shiny silver color. The flames just bounced off. The flames stopped coming, but instead Houndour leapt up on Wartortle, and was deflected by Wartortle’s shell and landed on its side. I got up slowly, and became more cautious.

“Hurl dirt at it and give it a Mega Punch,” I called out to Wartortle.

Wartortle picked up a handful of dirt, and lobbed it at Houndours face. Houndour clamped its eyes shut, as the dirt blinded him. Then Wartortle’s first crashed into Houndour’s face, and he fell. Houndour laid there motionless

“Do it,” said Blaine.

I pulled out a Pokeball, and reluctantly threw it at the dog. It engulfed the small little Pokemon and wiggled. I found myself crossing my figures, hoping that I hadn’t caught it.


I want this to be caught, even though I don’t in the story. This isn’t the end of the “Inferno Island” Story. It continues.
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