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Default Pokemon Diamond/Pearl: Toys and English Names!

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl: Toys and English Names!

The Toy Fair 2007 is currently being held in New York during February 11-14, 2007. Jakks Pacific, which signed a licensing contract to manufacture Pokemon toy products with Pokemon USA in 2006, showed many of their new Pokemon products that will be launched this year. In doing so, they have also revealed the English names for many of the Diamond/Pearl Pokemon.

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Starters
Among them, the English names for the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl starters were revealed. The names are Turtwig (grass type), Chimchar (fire type), and Pochama (water type). (Note that these names are subject to change. The starters names are based on low resolution images of the Pokemon's products and Entertainment Earth store's product description).

Other Pokemon Names
At the moment, other names are noticeable from pictures of Toy Fair 2007, but several of them remain a guessing game due to the low resolution images.


Entertainment Earth - Product Descriptions
An online store, Entertainment Earth, displayed the new Jakks Pacific Pokemon toys at their store. Although no product image is available, they do supply the product's name and description. The most information displayed are from the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Action Figures. The sets of figures contain names of the original Pokemon (like Pikachu), names of officially confirmed Pokemon (like Dialga and Palkia), and names of Pokemon we just have to make a good guess at based on what we see from the Toy Fair 2007 pictures. The problem with these descriptions are they contain many errors, and in some cases, have a mix of English names and Japanese names (which further complicates things). However, using the descriptions and pictures from Toy Fair 2007 together, some comparisons and some corrections can be made, which I outline in below:
Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Wave 1 Single Pack Action Figure Case
Pikachu (standing), Pikachu, Chatot, Manaphy, Buizel, Mantyke, Raichu, Mime Jr., and Aipom. (Subject to change)

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Wave 2 Single Pack Action Figure Case
Pikachu, Cherrim, Turtwig, Chimchar, Croalurk, Starly, Pochama, Buneary, Electrivire, and Pachirusu. (Subject to change)

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Wave 3 Single Pack Action Figure Case
Bippa, Dorpian, Dialga, Kricketot, Palkia, Golem, Glameow, Ponyta, Carnivine, and Sudowoodo. (Subject to change)


Errors Corrected (Based on low resolution pictures, so it's a "guesstimate")
Mantai = Mantyke
Cherrim = ???
Gureggru = Croalurk
Mukkuru = Starly
Dorpian = ???
Koroboshi = Kricketot
You can view the products listed at Entertainment Earth here: Entertainment Earth - Pokemon

Toy Fair 2007 - Pictures
Here's some websites that have pictures from the Toy Fair 2007: Toy Fair 2007 Toy Fair 2007 Toy Fair 2007

Awaiting Official Pokemon Names
Of course, rather than playing a guessing game, hopefully more or all of the new Pokemon's English names will be revealed soon. It will be here in the news when that happens.


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*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:

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