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Kenny's archive

Twisted Mirror
Status: Finished
Rating: PG
Genre: Historical, action
Summary: The Finality Wars, as foretold in first hand account of the darkness that surrounded the war between the Newgens and the humans.

Ahead of You
Status: Finished
Rating: G
Genre: Comedy
Summary: An attempt at a humerous take on the legend of Arceus. It's about a man on his death bed, but he's just not ready to stop talking yet. Order of the Chattering Teeth based on the novel "Good Omens".

Entwined World
Status: Finished
Rating: G
Genre: Romance, Adventure
Summary: The beginning of Quintus's journey. The end of his quest to be the champion.

Non pokemon short stories:

Your Kiss
Status: Finished
Rating: G
Genre: Romance, Mystery
Summary: Upon the sunny hills of life, a woman grieves. The man consolidates her.

Status: Finished
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Mystery
Summary: An piece found in the same mountain clusters as foretold in Thousand. Mystery of the story itself. *Warning: interpretations will vary

Status: Finished
Rating: G
Genre: Romance
Summary: An experiment on a slightly different writing style, under strict word limitations. A snapshot at the life of Hollance.

Perfect Havoc
Status: Finished
Rating: G
Genre: Action
Summary: Setting is Vitas of the world Locuta (different continent as to the previous stories). The tellings of its destruction, and the introduction to the rebellion group lead by Diana. Obvious references made, but interpretations will vary.


Coming soon.


Angel Sanctuary

Chrno Crusade

Gundam Seed


Ichigo Mashinmaro

Ichigo 100%

Legend of Mana

Lilim Kiss

Mai Hime

Midori no Hibi

Pretty Face

Ranma 1/2

Read or Die OVA

Read or Die

Saishu-Heiki Kanojo Sidestory

Samurai Champloo

School Rumble

Witch Hunter Robin

Yakitate Japan!

Children's Card Game (Working title)

Requiem of a Dream

Image archive:
Image archive

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