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Default Re: VPP Breeder Stats

Name: Lonsie
Completed VPPs:

Dionysa the Delcatty
*Completed at 506 posts*

Dyrius the Drifblim
*Completed at 806 posts*

Bydia the Butterfree
*Completed at 1113 posts*

Troy the Tropius
*Completed at 1413 posts*

Durori the Dewgong
*Completed at 1713 posts*

Dante the Houndoom
*Won at VPP party*

Guro the Grumpig
*Completed at 1993 posts*

Celiana the Cresselia
*Completed at 2058*

Shorin the Flygon
*Completed at 2373*

Current VPP:

Cairo the Luxray
Finished at 2673


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