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Default The Adventures of Seiko- the land of Joto

OK....this is a story I just started today....and It's about this girl Named Seiko and her adventures in the various lands in the Pokemon world. She's first gonna get all the badges in the Joto reigion, then beat the Elite 4, then get all the badges in Kanto, then travel to Hoenn & do the same there. it is! (note: in the first post, It'll have a little bit of blood....nothing serious)

On a nice spring day, a Mother and Daughter moved into a home in New Bark town. The girlís name was Seiko, and she was 13. She had waist long, dirty blonde hair, and wore jeans and a tank top. Their house overlooked a lake on the west side of town, and you could barley see the outlines of mountains in the distance. A few weeks after moving in, she met a guy with red hair, a dirty look, and an attitude to match. Seiko was rounding a corner near her house, and he ran into her.
"Watch where youíre going, idiot!" he yelled.
"Iím not an idiot, you are!" she cuffed him on the ear.
" want to fight?!?" he picked himself off the ground, and put his fists up. Seiko walked up to him, and pushed him over onto the grass.
"Youíre not very strong......" she said as she walked away.
"Iím not finished with you!" he yelled as he ran after her.
He turned a corner, and looked around. There was a street, but with no cover, where had she gone? A push on his back sent him sprawling onto the gravel road. She laughed and ran off. He put a hand to his face, and felt warm liquid. He put his hand up, and saw he was bleeding. He cursed, and walked off.
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