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Originally Posted by Ataro View Post
The maker of this thread thought that the anime is cheesy, he did not thought that Pokemon is a kid's show and as I think what you are saying, I am thinking that your assuming its lame. Let me tell you this, this forum is for people who would like to relax, or are real true fans of Pokemons who think that Pokemon is cool, not noobs who think Pokemon are lame, so if you think Pokemon belongs to only kid, then why did you even in the first place join this rocking forum, if you think its lame, fine, that's your opinion, none of our business, just shut your trap and don't say anything. People who join this forum thinks that Pokemon rocks, so if you don't mind, please keep your mouth shut to saying Pokemon is kid's play. You don't even know how it rocks!? So, please stop saying Pokemon are for kids!
Please don't attack other members, everyone's entitled to their opinions. Pokemon is written for a younger audience; of course some of the jokes are going to be a bit cheesy but that doesn't really matter. It's still a great show.

Personally though I love the cheese. The more cringy jokes in an episode the better in my opinion.

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