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Default Re: Inferno Island

Inferno Island Part 2
Chapter 4: In the Pokemoncenter

by Leman

Ready For Grading!

The Pokeball stopped wiggling, and light on the button faded. There was a long beep, and I walked over to it a picked it up. I stared at it for a minute.

What am I going to do with this? I thought, I don’t want an evil Pokemon.

I handed the Pokeball to Blaine.

“I don’t want this,” I told him.

“Well, you must take it,” he answered, and he pushed my hand back.

“Well, I don’t want him,” I said.

“Take it!” he hissed.

His eyes flashed red, and a small, skinny forked tongue slipped out of his mouth, and then quickly slipped back inside. His voice became snakelike, and almost evil sounding. I rubbed my eyes, hoping that this was a figment of my imagination. Blaine’s horrible face turned back to normal.

“You must. I must tend to my Blaziken,” he said, “There is a Pokemon Center down the road.”

Blaine turned and walked into Enialb’s house.

I turned and strolled over to Tongo.

“Did you see his face?” he said, “It looked sort of like a serpent!”

“Yeah, this fiery environment has probably messed up our eyes,” I said, still hoping that I was hallucinating .

We walked down the path, passing lots of houses. All of the houses were made of brick, and none of them looked modern. All of them were one story, the windows were in the exact same place, and they had the same yard. The entire town was so monotonous that it was creepy. It wasn’t as quiet as when we reached here, there was some rustling inside the houses, and some people and their Pokemon had ventured outside.

When we reached the large, brick Pokemon center, we stepped off of the dirt road, and onto the brick patio, and then into the large building itself.

Inside the building was a lot more modern than the outside. It was large open, bright and shiny. The entire interior was made of stainless steel, and all the light reflected off of the shiny floor. In the center of the room there was a large counter, with many people sitting behind it, taking Pokemon and handing them to Chansey, so the fat pink Pokemon could take them to their rooms.

We walked up to one of the girls behind the counter. She had long blonde hair that was tied up in a ponytail and a pair of black spectacles. She was wearing a red t-shirt and a pair of long blue jeans. She looked about 17, a year older than me. We each placed two Pokeballs on the yellow counter.

“Hi,” I said, “We need these Pokemon to be looked at please.”

“No problem,” she said with a smile. She had a warm comforting voice.

Suddenly, at that moment, Tongo’s fury little bug popped out of his Pokeball, and hopped around happily. I picked the little bug up and put him on the table.

“I think this little guy needs a look at too. There’s something wrong with his head,” I said.

When Venonat saw the girl, he screamed, and cowered. She had terrified him.

The girl giggled. “Sure thing,” she said. She turned to the bug. “You’re a funny little guy, aren’t you?”

Tongo recalled his Venonat, and handed its Pokeball to the receptionist.

“Its getting late,” said the girl, glancing out of a window on the opposite side of the large room. “Do you two boys need a place to stay?”

“That would be nice,” replied Tongo.

She put a small piece of plastic on the counter that looked like a credit card. Then she picked up the Pokeballs and handed them to a Chansey that was behind her.

“I’m Nina by the way. Here’s your room key. You’re in room 636,” said Nina.

“Thank You. I’m Leman and this is Tongo,” I replied.

We turned to leave, and Tongo waved to her. I rolled my eyes.

We quickly found the hallway marked 600-650. The hallways were covered with the same shiny tiles as the rest of the center. Our room was the seventh one on the left, because they started with 650. The walls in our room were covered in yellow paint and the floors had a light green carpet as well as a bunk bed in the corner of the room.

When the door opened, I quickly ran in and chucked a Pokeball on the top bunk.

Simultaneously, I shouted, “I call the top bunk!”

My long blue dragon Pokemon had saved my spot, as I raced into the bathroom to take a shower. Tongo chuckled.

The bathroom had the same tile on the floor, a large white tub, and a sink. I took al ong shower, and kept thinking about what Blaine had said. Why must I have this evil Houndour? Why not Tongo or himself? I got earlier than I wanted to, but that stupid dog had ruined the shower. Tongo and I switched spots after I had come out, completely dressed.

Dragonair was sleeping on top of the bed. I climbed up and sat next to her, and scanned the room. There was no TV, or any other piece of furniture other than the beds and one chair in the corner. The recent raids must have cut down their income.

There was a loud knock coming from the small wooden door. I heard the shower turn off, as Tongo prepared to come out in order to meet the guest. Dragonair had awoken, and she slithered down the bedpost. I jumped off the bed, and answered the door with Dragonair at my feet.

When I opened the door, I saw Nina standing there.

“Hi,” I said, “What brings you here? Did you miss me?”

She laughed. “Actually Leman, there is someone here, who wantd to know which room you were in.”

Nina stepped back to bring Blaine into view.

“Hey Leman,” he said, “May I come in?”

“Sure,” I said. I stepped out of the way so Blaine could walk in.

Nina lowered her voice to whisper, and said, “I also brought you some chocolates.” She handed them to me, smiled, and strolled down the hall.

I closed the door, and knocked on the bathroom door. “Blaine is here,” I called.

Blaine had settled into the chair and Dragonair had hoisted herself onto Tongo’s bed. I sat down and said, “What’s up?”

I sounded casual, but I was tenser than ever then. I didn’t want his face to be mangled again.

“I brought Blaziken and Enialb’s Quilava over here. That girl seemed to remember you, so I asked here to take me to you. I must tell you things,” he replied.

Tongo came out of the shower, and sat down next to me.

“Hello Blaine,” he said.

“Hello Tongo,” said Blaine, “Those raids wont stop, just because you caught the Houndour. Anyunkoko’s Arcanine will lead them. They must be trying ton do something sinister. I know where their lair is. I’ll take you there tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? So soon?” I asked.

“Yes. That soon.” he said.

He got up and said, “Well, I must be off. Bye.”

Neither of us said anything as he walked to the door.

“The rest of the rooms are tile, by the way,” he said as he left.

I went to sleep early that night, but Tongo and his Beedrill were awake far longer.

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